With the acquisition of Efficient Frontier, along with Demdex and Auditude in the past year, Adobe has the components to deliver compelling and unified advertising solutions. Our customers can expect Adobe to simplify the crowded and confusing digital marketing landscape by delivering a seamless data flow aligned with technology, which will provide a host of capabilities to assist advertisers and publishers to compete in the expanding advertising market. Some of the key areas are:
• Developing efficient media mixes
• Creating high-value audience segments
• Delivering dynamic ad creative
• Defining bids based on the ROI of the placement
• Synchronizing ad creative and landing page optimization
• Providing real-time reporting and dashboards

The significance should be apparent as advertising budgets continue to shift to digital channels [online ad spend is projected to grow to 35% of total ad spend in the US in 2016, according to Forrester Research] and marketers are demanding more accountability. It means Digital is being pushed to the forefront of campaigns so that CMOs can prove the ROI of their ad budgets. And Adobe is a strong believer in digital marketing to drive branding and demand campaigns – we’re now #80 on the worldwide brand ranking based on that strategy.

Adobe’s franchise has been in the creation and management of digital assets. Creative will always be the foundation of great advertising; and data is the DNA, which provides the structure to build compelling advertising programs. It defines the audience, their interests and where best to reach them in a meaningful way. With the integration of the Digital Marketing Suite, we provide the data to increase the impact of advertising. And, the integrated solutions simplify the infrastructure of executing multi-channel campaigns and free up time to focus on strategy and optimization.

The potential is limitless and I’m very much looking forward to working with our customers to build out these solutions which increase efficiency to create and manage campaigns while driving a higher return on advertising budgets.

Look for more information as we move beyond Day 1 and feel free to ping me with any questions or comments.

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