With the acqui­si­tion of Effi­cient Fron­tier, along with Demdex and Audi­tude in the past year, Adobe has the com­po­nents to deliver com­pelling and uni­fied adver­tis­ing solu­tions. Our cus­tomers can expect Adobe to sim­plify the crowded and con­fus­ing dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing land­scape by deliv­er­ing a seam­less data flow aligned with tech­nol­ogy, which will pro­vide a host of capa­bil­i­ties to assist adver­tis­ers and pub­lish­ers to com­pete in the expand­ing adver­tis­ing mar­ket. Some of the key areas are:
• Devel­op­ing effi­cient media mixes
• Cre­at­ing high-value audi­ence seg­ments
• Deliv­er­ing dynamic ad cre­ative
• Defin­ing bids based on the ROI of the place­ment
• Syn­chro­niz­ing ad cre­ative and land­ing page opti­miza­tion
• Pro­vid­ing real-time report­ing and dashboards

The sig­nif­i­cance should be appar­ent as adver­tis­ing bud­gets con­tinue to shift to dig­i­tal chan­nels [online ad spend is pro­jected to grow to 35% of total ad spend in the US in 2016, accord­ing to For­rester Research] and mar­keters are demand­ing more account­abil­ity. It means Dig­i­tal is being pushed to the fore­front of cam­paigns so that CMOs can prove the ROI of their ad bud­gets. And Adobe is a strong believer in dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing to drive brand­ing and demand cam­paigns – we’re now #80 on the world­wide brand rank­ing based on that strategy.

Adobe’s fran­chise has been in the cre­ation and man­age­ment of dig­i­tal assets. Cre­ative will always be the foun­da­tion of great adver­tis­ing; and data is the DNA, which pro­vides the struc­ture to build com­pelling adver­tis­ing pro­grams. It defines the audi­ence, their inter­ests and where best to reach them in a mean­ing­ful way. With the inte­gra­tion of the Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Suite, we pro­vide the data to increase the impact of adver­tis­ing. And, the inte­grated solu­tions sim­plify the infra­struc­ture of exe­cut­ing multi-channel cam­paigns and free up time to focus on strat­egy and optimization.

The poten­tial is lim­it­less and I’m very much look­ing for­ward to work­ing with our cus­tomers to build out these solu­tions which increase effi­ciency to cre­ate and man­age cam­paigns while dri­ving a higher return on adver­tis­ing budgets.

Look for more infor­ma­tion as we move beyond Day 1 and feel free to ping me with any ques­tions or comments.

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