Some­times I feel like a mar­riage coun­selor. Peo­ple ask me all the time how to sell the idea of web ana­lyt­ics within the orga­ni­za­tion, how to rekin­dle the enthu­si­asm that every­one felt back when they first signed on for web analytics.

As with any rela­tion­ship, enthu­si­asm for web ana­lyt­ics doesn’t grow on its own, and it can’t live in a vacuum.

Often, what I see hap­pen­ing is that mar­keters begin gen­er­at­ing reports and then don’t do any­thing with them. It’s like they’re expect­ing that one day, the report will jump up and do some­thing, with­out any mar­keter involve­ment. When the nee­dles don’t move on the reports, the love begins to die. But it’s not the fault of the analytics.

So con­sider these few sim­ple ways to rekin­dle the love:

Step # 1. Remem­ber what started the romance

When you imple­mented a web ana­lyt­ics pro­gram, you likely con­sid­ered your key busi­ness require­ments and looked at the busi­ness ques­tions you were try­ing to answer.

Take a look at those ques­tions again. What is the data telling you about those ques­tions? Come up with a hypoth­e­sis, then run a test.

For exam­ple, was one of your goals to improve con­ver­sions? You might hypoth­e­size that you have too much con­tent on your home page. Maybe reduc­ing the blocks of con­tent to bul­let points will help improve conversions.

Step # 2. Quick wins

Peo­ple inher­ently grav­i­tate toward suc­cess. After look­ing at your key busi­ness ques­tions and com­ing up with a few hypothe­ses to test, pin­point one or two of those things that are easy to imple­ment and that might help you get a quick win.

Make it sim­ple. Fig­ure out what you may be able to do bet­ter, test it, and then mea­sure it. Once you have a good suc­cess story, peo­ple become keenly interested.

Sud­denly, instead of try­ing to force ana­lyt­ics down their throat, they’ll be com­ing to you.
The rela­tion­ship will blossom.

If you don’t recall the busi­ness ques­tions you were try­ing to answer when you imple­mented a web ana­lyt­ics pro­gram — or missed that step alto­gether dur­ing the imple­men­ta­tion — give us a call. We can help you out­line those ques­tions, based on both your indus­try in gen­eral and your com­pany specif­i­cally. We can also help you under­stand how to look at the data and come up with action­able steps to answer those questions.