This past week I analyzed the increase in mobile browsing Omniture customers saw in conjunction with the US Thanksgiving holiday and the US Black Friday/Cyber Monday kick off to the Christmas shopping season. I found (as expected) a significant spike in overall mobile browsing over the four-day holiday weekend. In fact, every other long holiday this year has a correlated increase in mobile browsing. What came as a surprise was retailers with the biggest spikes in total traffic also saw spikes in mobile usage of significantly greater magnitude.


At this point you’re probably wondering why an eCommerce site would even care about raw increases in page views. In the next chart you’ll see why—revenue growth transacted on mobile devices is outpacing mobile page view growth.


The shift demonstrates an increase in consumer acceptance of mobile devices as shopping and payment systems even on full eCommerce sites where the checkout process is sub-optimal on mobile. In addition to accelerating mobile commerce transactions a few other data points were of interest:

• mobile revenue per page view averaged 1/3 that of total revenue per page view
• mobile revenue averaged .4% of total revenue (up 4x from year previous)
• iPhone accounted for 60% of page views but 75% of mobile revenue

This data demonstrates a significant optimization opportunity for eCommerce sites. Providing an optimized experience to customers shopping from mobile devices could return an immediate 3X lift to mobile revenue contribution and continued optimization efforts could yield even better results.

e-commerce miami
e-commerce miami

actually navigation via mobile phone and specially smartphones, is enhancing the e-commerce via this channel.

SEO Professional
SEO Professional

Ed, this is great feedback. I think this reiterates how consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with buying or completely researching via their mobile phone. It is also very interesting to note how the iphones have a far higher conversion rate than other platforms - aligns with their market share gain in recent months.