It’s here! Well, it’s been here for a few months — but to be sure every­one is aware… you can now apply v15 seg­ments to reports you request using the Web Ser­vices. Here is how you do it.

Con­sider apply­ing the fol­low­ing “First Time Vis­its” seg­ment to a PageViews (over­time) report in the Site­Cat­a­lyst UI. You sim­ply select the seg­ment name in the seg­men­ta­tion drop down menu.


To apply the same seg­ment using the Web Ser­vices (i.e. Report­ing API) you would use the “segment_id” attribute in your report­De­scrip­tion object and then pass that as the para­me­ter for your queu­ing method (Report.QueueOvertime in this case).

The report­De­scrip­tion would look some­thing like this…

Notice that the value of the “segment_id” attribute is NOT the same as what you see in the seg­men­ta­tion menu in the Site­Cat­a­lyst UI. This is because seg­ments have friendly names as well as IDs (just like report suites). It is only the ID of the seg­ment that will work in the report­De­scrip­tion. So that begs the ques­tion… “how do I know what the seg­ment ID is?”. Well, there is a method for that! If you call the new ReportSuite.GetSegments method you will get the com­plete list of seg­ment names and IDs for a report suite.


A few key things to remember…

  • If the report suite you are query­ing is not enabled for Site­Cat­a­lyst v15 then won’t be able to apply segments.
  • You need to be using the “1.3″ API end­point (or newer) to take advan­tage of this seg­men­ta­tion good­ness. You should see “1.3″ in the URL that your requests are being made to.
  • Many of the seg­ments you cre­ate in the Mar­ket­ing Suite UI will be tied to a spe­cific report suite AND user. So, if you are not able to apply seg­ments that you know exist or even see them when mak­ing the ReportSuite.GetSegments call, you should dou­ble check that you are work­ing with the right report suite and that your API cre­den­tials are tied to the user you cre­ated the seg­ment with.


Good luck! And let me know if you have feed­back or ques­tions on this topic.

–Sean  (@seangubler)


Sean is a Sr. Part­ner Inte­gra­tion Man­ager focus­ing on inte­gra­tions with the Adobe Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Suite. This includes Adobe Gen­e­sis inte­gra­tions and cus­tom inte­gra­tions using Adobe’s Web Services.