Are you ready to gain industry-wide recognition for analytics skills? Are you ready to accelerate your career? Then you are ready for Analytics Idol! I didn’t want to confuse too many popular shows in one blog announcement, but the upcoming event I want to tell you about is so exciting, so spectacular, so incredibly thought provoking that I just had to grab your attention to tell you about this opportunity.

Adobe’s upcoming Digital Marketing Summit that runs from March 24–28 is fast approaching, and while the buzz surrounding the event is building, there is one breakout session that is stirring some particular interest. Analytics Idol is an event that gives Adobe analytic users an opportunity to show their analytical prowess. Web and digital analysts from every industry are invited to participate and show off their out-of-the-box thinking on data analysis.

You’re invited to submit examples of how your creativity and data analysis innovation helped to solve a particular challenge, optimize positive results in an area of your business, or come up with an analytical tip or trick to that made it easier to interpret and understand data.

Out of the entries received, five winners will be chosen by a panel of Adobe judges and receive a Summit Pass (valued at $2,500). These five contestants will then present their tips, innovations, or solutions at Adobe Summit to the general audience, who will vote on a winner. Our finalists will receive some fabulous prizes (so fabulous we can’t reveal them here) as well as the distinction of Adobe’s Analytics Idol!

Do you have what it takes? Can you be an Analytics Idol? Show the world that you are smarter than the average digital marketer. Time is limited—the last day to send submissions is Friday, February 21, 2014.

Register your analytic strategies and tips by going to the Analytics Idol Application Form today.