We are excited to announce the imme­di­ate avail­abil­ity of our new data cen­ter in Sin­ga­pore. This new site  enables a bet­ter expe­ri­ence for you, our cus­tomers, by low­er­ing net­work latency, and improv­ing data col­lec­tion and report­ing efficiency.

The prod­ucts sup­ported in the Sin­ga­pore data cen­ter include:

  • Site­Cat­a­lyst
  • DataWare­house
  • Dis­cover
  • Sur­vey
  • Gen­e­sis
  • Search­Cen­ter
  • Test&Target
  • Insight
  • Scene7 (cur­rently hosted at another Sin­ga­pore facility)

While this is great news for Adobe’s new cus­tomers, you’re prob­a­bly won­der­ing about the cur­rent set of  Asia-based busi­nesses using Adobe prod­ucts. When can you migrate your data to the new data cen­ter? And why would a com­pany in Asia choose not to be in the new data cen­ter? These ques­tions and answers may help.


Q. Can I setup some Site­Cat­a­lyst report suites in the Asian data cen­ter, but keep oth­ers in another data center?

A. The short answer: no. The long answer: not really. For many rea­sons, our strong rec­om­men­da­tion is to keep your company’s data within a sin­gle data cen­ter. Ask an imple­men­ta­tion con­sul­tant or Client­Care for details.


Q. Is this related to or affected by Regional Data Collection?

A. Yes. The Sin­ga­pore data cen­ter func­tions as a new regional data col­lec­tion node, regard­less of where your data is stored. Regional Data Col­lec­tion con­nects your site’s vis­i­tors with the clos­est data col­lec­tion cen­ter, regard­less of the data pro­cess­ing cen­ter loca­tion. If that data pro­cess­ing cen­ter is in Europe, vis­i­tors in China will be send­ing image requests to our Sin­ga­pore data col­lec­tion cen­ter, while vis­i­tors in Florida will send data to our East­ern US data cen­ter. For cus­tomers with a CNAME/First Party Cookie imple­men­ta­tion, as soon as you renew your SSL Cer­tifi­cate with the appro­pri­ate licenses, the new data cen­ter will be used for vis­i­tors in that region.


Q. When can I migrate data from another data cen­ter to the Sin­ga­pore or EMEA data center?

A. We are work­ing on this ini­tia­tive, and will announce that as soon as it’s ready.