Hello all, I am taking the plunge and invading the blogosphere with my particular take on the influence that Brand Managers or Creative Directors can have on the success of a marketing organization. My team at Omniture is a hub for marketing and many other groups when it comes to executing programs.

As such, we are in a unique position to expand beyond traditional creative roles of just identity and design, and become a creative services organization enabling every facet of marketing.

Traditional Corporate Marketing, Demand Marketing and Product Marketing teams can easily become siloed—with the corporate team focusing on PR/AR, and the demand team focusing only on SEO and SEM and the product team focusing on sales tools and collateral. Creative Services generally work on almost all projects that go out the door in marketing, and are the last line of defense in making sure that each group is communicating the same concepts, visuals and messaging—in the same way.

Innovation and interactivity in marketing has become a necessity and Brand/Creative teams should be trailblazers in creating a synergy of brand to demand. Creative Directors can have a direct influence on demand when they focus their efforts on a few essential marketing programs to streamline the messaging from a corporate brand campaign to a demand campaign.

Two key areas where brand supports demand include:

  • MarCom: Thought-leadership programs or campaigns
    • Messaging-driven (brand), offer supported (demand): Product collateral, corporate advertising, white papers, co-sponsored industry guides
  • Demand Generation: thought-leadership & solutions
    • Offer driven (demand), messaging supported (demand): Webinars, best practice guides, industry findings and reports

A new brand to demand program structure would follow this model:

When viewed in this funnel model, it is apparent how many points of interaction that the Creative team will have on each program. This represents a huge opportunity for Creatives to move beyond being designers, and to becoming ‘Bremandos.’