Would you like to have a featured, on-screen appearance in a breakout session at Adobe Summit, March 24–28 in Salt Lake City?

If Big Data is part of your daily life, and you have a story or anecdote to share about a key discussion area for our “Making Big Data Small” panel, you just might end up on-screen.

In our breakout session, we’ll be discussing some hot topics and ideas with Big Data experts that Summit attendees can take back to their everyday work to make Big Data more palatable, useful, and actionable. In effect, we’ll help make Big Data — ahem — smaller.

Our overarching topic areas will include:

  • How to determine, define, and focus on the most valuable analysis opportunities
  • How to get as close as possible to real-time data and spontaneous action
  • How to most effectively socialize your analysis and encourage action based upon it
  • How to drive ever-smarter testing and decisions within your organization

Before the panel discusses ideas and takeaways on each of those key topics, we’re planning to have quick, one-minute video introductions by you — everyday Big Data practitioners who have tackled (or are trying to tackle) these topics in your daily work. If you’re selected, you’ll be recorded for one of our video intro segments, and we’ll also award you some cool Adobe swag!

Go to the submission form now!

For example, you might have a great story to share on the third topic above about the time you wrapped up the most Earth-shattering analysis ever in the history of your company, but you couldn’t get anyone to pay attention to it — not your manager, not your manager’s manager, not the CMO, not the CEO. No one. How did that make you feel? Would you like some tips on how to overcome that next time? That’s exactly the kind of one-minute video sound bite we’d like to record.

Or, similarly, you might have a great question, such as how to get real-time, offline transaction data in marketing analysis systems? Perhaps you’ve been trying for two years (we call it “doing battle with IT,” right?) to no avail. You’re wondering whether anyone else is in the trenches with you. That’s another great example of the type of one-minute video sound bite we’re interested in.

If you have something like those examples for any of the above topic areas, we’d love to hear from you via our online submission form.

If you are selected, we’ll reach out to you and arrange a remote video hookup (it might be as simple as webcam) and record your one-minute of Adobe Summit on-screen fame. Plus, we’ll send some cool Adobe stuff your way.

I look forward to seeing you at Adobe Summit in March, especially in our Making Big Data Small breakout session, where I hope to see some of your great ideas on-screen.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please add a comment or contact me on Twitter at @Halbrook. Submit your ideas today before it’s too late!