Would you like to have a fea­tured, on-screen appear­ance in a break­out ses­sion at Adobe Sum­mit, March 24–28 in Salt Lake City?

If Big Data is part of your daily life, and you have a story or anec­dote to share about a key dis­cus­sion area for our “Mak­ing Big Data Small” panel, you just might end up on-screen.

In our break­out ses­sion, we’ll be dis­cussing some hot top­ics and ideas with Big Data experts that Sum­mit atten­dees can take back to their every­day work to make Big Data more palat­able, use­ful, and action­able. In effect, we’ll help make Big Data — ahem — smaller.

Our over­ar­ch­ing topic areas will include:

  • How to deter­mine, define, and focus on the most valu­able analy­sis opportunities
  • How to get as close as pos­si­ble to real-time data and spon­ta­neous action
  • How to most effec­tively social­ize your analy­sis and encour­age action based upon it
  • How to drive ever-smarter test­ing and deci­sions within your organization

Before the panel dis­cusses ideas and take­aways on each of those key top­ics, we’re plan­ning to have quick, one-minute video intro­duc­tions by you — every­day Big Data prac­ti­tion­ers who have tack­led (or are try­ing to tackle) these top­ics in your daily work. If you’re selected, you’ll be recorded for one of our video intro seg­ments, and we’ll also award you some cool Adobe swag!

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For exam­ple, you might have a great story to share on the third topic above about the time you wrapped up the most Earth-shattering analy­sis ever in the his­tory of your com­pany, but you couldn’t get any­one to pay atten­tion to it — not your man­ager, not your manager’s man­ager, not the CMO, not the CEO. No one. How did that make you feel? Would you like some tips on how to over­come that next time? That’s exactly the kind of one-minute video sound bite we’d like to record.

Or, sim­i­larly, you might have a great ques­tion, such as how to get real-time, offline trans­ac­tion data in mar­ket­ing analy­sis sys­tems? Per­haps you’ve been try­ing for two years (we call it “doing bat­tle with IT,” right?) to no avail. You’re won­der­ing whether any­one else is in the trenches with you. That’s another great exam­ple of the type of one-minute video sound bite we’re inter­ested in.

If you have some­thing like those exam­ples for any of the above topic areas, we’d love to hear from you via our online sub­mis­sion form.

If you are selected, we’ll reach out to you and arrange a remote video hookup (it might be as sim­ple as web­cam) and record your one-minute of Adobe Sum­mit on-screen fame. Plus, we’ll send some cool Adobe stuff your way.

I look for­ward to see­ing you at Adobe Sum­mit in March, espe­cially in our Mak­ing Big Data Small break­out ses­sion, where I hope to see some of your great ideas on-screen.

If you have any ques­tions or thoughts, please add a com­ment or con­tact me on Twit­ter at @Halbrook. Sub­mit your ideas today before it’s too late!