An example of Adobe Discover’s redesigned user interface

A habit that I started to form a few years ago was to write down an important thought as I had it.  For those that know me well, they may argue that I don’t need to do this often.  While quite possibly true, the reason that I started this habit was because I noticed when I was in a situation where I couldn’t explore a thought fully due to some constraint or another  I would lose the situational nuances and at worst, the thought entirely.

For those individuals that are brave enough to embrace a career as a digital analyst – tackling big data day after day, responding to impatient stakeholders, and generally being expected to have an ammo box full of silver bullets – you can probably relate.  When you are neck-deep in analysis looking for gold nuggets, being able to explore your thoughts fully – at the speed of thought – can make all the difference between finding pyrite or even better, 50 Cent’s jewelry collection.

For those of you looking to speed up your analysis, Adobe has something new for you!  It’s been four years in the making and the time has come for the next release of Adobe Discover – and let me just say it’s a doozy.  I’ll let some of my colleagues tell you about the amazing cross-visit pathing and participation features that enable you to get a clearer visitor picture by breaking down session silos.  I, on the other hand, will whet your data-crunching appetite by sharing some tidbits on our new Table Builder feature.

With Table Builder inside of Discover, you can really speed up time to insight by building and analyzing custom data tables that include dimensions, metrics and segments in any configuration on-the-fly.  Really!  You can drag and drop data seamlessly into a table-like interface and explore, rearrange, and pivot through data as new thoughts and insights come to you.

No more small, iterative changes to a table as you march through an analysis workflow.  No need to initiate a new query on every change, which can add up to more time than you might want or expect to spend. Table Builder enables Discover to move at the speed of your thought by allowing you to apply multiple components (dimensions, metrics, and segments) in your desired configuration and THEN initiate a single query. Table Builder also serves as an intelligent “reset button” to revert back to your original table settings.  Time saved = awesomeness!

We’ve worked long and hard on this release – and this feature in particular – and the feedback from our beta program has been extraordinary.  Also, check out some introductory videos on new Discover features:  Part 1 – focuses on the Revenue (Visitor Participation)  and Part 2 – video on Fall Out reporting features.