aa_app1You may not have noticed last August that we released a brand new Adobe Ana­lyt­ics app on the Apple App­Store. I don’t want this accom­plish­ment to go unno­ticed as a lot of work went into com­pletely rebuild­ing our pre­vi­ous Site­Cat­a­lyst app from the ground up and relaunch­ing as the Adobe Ana­lyt­ics app. With a host of new fea­tures in the most recent update (Nov. 12th), you don’t want to miss out on this handy new app if you’re an iPhone or iPad user.

The new Adobe Ana­lyt­ics Mobile app offers an improved user inter­face that has been opti­mized to make it eas­ier to get the data you need. One of the key new fea­tures is the cus­tom reports, where you can select up to three met­rics (five on an iPad) and trend them over any time period. In the lat­est release of the app (1.2), the mobile team added the fol­low­ing enhance­ments to the cus­tom reports:

  • aa_app4Cur­rent data
  • Anom­aly detection
  • Seg­ment selection
  • Pre­vi­ous time period overlays

Now when you’re pulled into that last-minute meet­ing with­out time to grab your lap­top, you won’t feel com­pletely dis­armed. With your iPhone or iPad, you’ll still have easy access to all your dig­i­tal KPIs. Curi­ous about how that new major cam­paign is per­form­ing dur­ing your train ride home? Want to know how the redesigned home page is doing before you start your morn­ing run? No prob­lem, the new Adobe Ana­lyt­ics app has you covered.

Now, all of this mobile good­ness doesn’t hap­pen on its own. I was able to cor­ner one of the lead engi­neers on the busy mobile team, Will Han­nold, and ask him a few ques­tions about our cur­rent offer­ing as well as our future plans for mobile apps related to Adobe Analytics.

Can you give us a brief his­tory of Adobe Ana­lyt­ics’ mobile apps?

The Site­Cat­a­lyst app was cre­ated a cou­ple years ago and was due for a refresh. There are both iOS and Android ver­sions of the app with a large user base, but it is show­ing its age. There is also an iPad app called Site­Cat­a­lyst Visu­al­ize with cus­tom report func­tion­al­ity that we incor­po­rated into the new app. We learned from the pre­vi­ous apps and cre­ated a new expe­ri­ence from scratch.

What’s dif­fer­ent about this new iOS app?

The pre­vi­ous Site­Cat­a­lyst app was a good tool for view­ing book­marks and dash­boards, but as more and more ana­lysts con­sume data on-the-go, we want to keep pace with their mobile demands and give them the option to cre­ate cus­tom reports on the fly. Here are some of the improve­ments we made:

  • A cleaner, sim­pler user expe­ri­ence with bet­ter nav­i­ga­tion for both the iPhone and iPad
  • Your most recently viewed dash­boards and book­marks are always at the top of the lists in the left rail
  • Greater flex­i­bil­ity to change met­rics, seg­ments, or report suites for cus­tom reports
  • Advanced report­ing func­tion­al­ity such as anom­aly detection
  • More shar­ing options so you can eas­ily share cus­tom reports, book­marks, and dash­board reportlets

This new app is a fresh and solid plat­form for us to build on going for­ward. We are already work­ing on our third update and plan to con­tinue adding new func­tion­al­ity every few months.

Can you tell us what cus­tomers have loved about this new app so far?

The biggest hit has been the cus­tom reports. One cus­tomer had “tears of joy” over get­ting three met­rics in one report on his iPhone. In one of our first cus­tomer follow-up meet­ings, it was awe­some to hear how another ana­lyst used our app to quickly answer a ques­tion that came up that morn­ing dur­ing a meet­ing. The pos­i­tive response to the cus­tom reports capa­bil­ity has dri­ven many of the improve­ments in this lat­est release.

Do you have any tips for users to get the most out of the app?

I can’t empha­size the cus­tom reports enough. The entire right rail is ded­i­cated to cus­tom reports and is where the most of the new fea­tures will be found. Many users are load­ing a set of met­rics in the cus­tom reports and check­ing them across all of their report suites. With the new seg­ment sup­port you can rerun the same report for dif­fer­ent seg­ments. Now that we sup­port cur­rent data you can run a report for today and see the most recent data as it arrives.

The left rail of the app is a menu of your dash­boards and book­marks so heavy users of those fea­tures on the web will have a lot more reports to view right out of the box. Some reports that look great on the web may not be opti­mized for a smaller device, so I rec­om­mend users cre­ate mobile-friendly ver­sions of the dash­boards and book­marked reports they want to view in the app. Here are some basic tips:

  • aa_app3Reports with a large num­ber of met­rics won’t show all the columns in the app. Keep the num­ber of met­rics low and split the infor­ma­tion across mul­ti­ple reportlets.
  • Cre­ate dash­boards with only the small­est report­let or tile size. The reports in a 3×2 dash­board page are the per­fect size for the iPhone. Any larger and you will not see all your data.
  • Use the “Show: Graph/Detail” set­tings in dash­board lay­out. If you only want to see the data for a report turn off the graph in the dash­board layout.
  • Cre­ate reports with hourly gran­u­lar­ity. Cre­ate a book­mark for a met­ric or ele­ment you want to keep an eye on and then “pull to refresh” the report through­out the day.

Are Android users going to get the new app too?

Yes! An Android ver­sion of Adobe Ana­lyt­ics Mobile is on the prod­uct road map. In the mean­time, the Android ver­sion of the Site­Cat­a­lyst app is still avail­able in the Google Play and Ama­zon app stores.

What else do you have in store for mobile apps in the future?

aa_app_usersI don’t want to get too spe­cific about our plans, but we are already work­ing on the next release. We are strik­ing a bal­ance between fea­tures that are unique to the mobile expe­ri­ence and more fea­tures that appear in the stan­dard desk­top interface.

In this lat­est release, we added a feed­back link to the app. We are eager to hear what fea­tures would help our cus­tomers be more suc­cess­ful. We would love to hear sug­ges­tions for small tweaks, big fea­tures, and work­flows that we may not have con­sid­ered. We have learned so much from user feed­back already, and we look for­ward to receiv­ing more great sug­ges­tions and ideas from our users.

I’d like to thank Will for tak­ing time away from his busy sched­ule to answer these ques­tions. If you haven’t down­loaded the new Adobe Ana­lyt­ics Mobile app, I rec­om­mend you take it for a spin. I think you’ll be happy with what you find.