We released a minor update to our JavaScript code on 9 Sep­tem­ber 2010, ver­sion H.22. This ver­sion pri­mar­ily addresses two minor issues that a small num­ber of users may have seen. If either of the fol­low­ing affect you, con­sider upgrad­ing to this lat­est ver­sion of code at your ear­li­est convenience.

  • The Part­ner Inte­gra­tion mod­ule used with Gen­e­sis inte­gra­tions no longer calls the s_doPlugins() func­tion. This is impor­tant if you are using cer­tain plug-ins, such as get­Val­Once, that behave dif­fer­ently if they are called mul­ti­ple times prior to the trans­mis­sion of data into Site­Cat­a­lyst. For exam­ple, if you were using get­Val­Once on the s.campaign vari­able along with the get­Query­Param plug-in and the Part­ner Inte­gra­tion mod­ule, it is pos­si­ble that the s.campaign value was set on the ini­tial s_doPlugins() call, then cook­ied to pre­vent infla­tion. The Part­ner Inte­gra­tion mod­ule would have called s_doPlugins() again prior to the trans­mis­sion of page view data, and since get­Val­Once would find the s.campaign value in the cookie on the sec­ond s_doPlugins() call, it would not allow it to pop­u­late s.campaign again, and so s.campaign would incor­rectly be blanked out on the page view. This no longer happens.
  • In cer­tain cases, the trans­mis­sion of data using the Media mod­ule (i.e. video mea­sure­ment using JavaScript) used to include a ½-sec­ond delay, as is cus­tom­ary for non-page view image requests. In other words, video data would be sent to Site­Cat­a­lyst by the JavaScript code 500 mil­lisec­onds after it was gen­er­ated. It no longer does this. (NOTE: This applies only to JavaScript video mea­sure­ment, and not to Flash video measurement.)

There you have it. As always, please feel free to sub­mit JavaScript code sug­ges­tions at the Idea Exchange; we’re lis­ten­ing! And if you have any ques­tions about this code release or any­thing else related to the Adobe Online Mar­ket­ing Suite, leave me a com­ment or send me a tweet (@benjamingaines).