We released a minor update to our JavaScript code on 9 September 2010, version H.22. This version primarily addresses two minor issues that a small number of users may have seen. If either of the following affect you, consider upgrading to this latest version of code at your earliest convenience.

  • The Partner Integration module used with Genesis integrations no longer calls the s_doPlugins() function. This is important if you are using certain plug-ins, such as getValOnce, that behave differently if they are called multiple times prior to the transmission of data into SiteCatalyst. For example, if you were using getValOnce on the s.campaign variable along with the getQueryParam plug-in and the Partner Integration module, it is possible that the s.campaign value was set on the initial s_doPlugins() call, then cookied to prevent inflation. The Partner Integration module would have called s_doPlugins() again prior to the transmission of page view data, and since getValOnce would find the s.campaign value in the cookie on the second s_doPlugins() call, it would not allow it to populate s.campaign again, and so s.campaign would incorrectly be blanked out on the page view. This no longer happens.
  • In certain cases, the transmission of data using the Media module (i.e. video measurement using JavaScript) used to include a ½-second delay, as is customary for non-page view image requests. In other words, video data would be sent to SiteCatalyst by the JavaScript code 500 milliseconds after it was generated. It no longer does this. (NOTE: This applies only to JavaScript video measurement, and not to Flash video measurement.)

There you have it. As always, please feel free to submit JavaScript code suggestions at the Idea Exchange; we’re listening! And if you have any questions about this code release or anything else related to the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, leave me a comment or send me a tweet (@benjamingaines).