Companies all over are continually looking for ways to optimize online experiences. The importance of providing relevant experiences to customers is at an all time high. Consumers are battling with many messages from multiple vendors. Companies have to optimize and better serve their customers.
Chegg, the number one provider of college textbook rentals, is one of the many companies focused on providing the best customer experience possible. The company leverages the Adobe Online Marketing Suite to increase clarity into customer behaviors, enable real-time analysis, optimize pages and flows to improve customer experience, and maximize revenue and overall ROI. Using Adobe solutions, Chegg has improved visitor experience, reduced customer service costs by hundreds of thousands annually, improved book return sales, and lifted sales by 7-8 percent.
“We can always spend more money to acquire more customers, but it doesn’t make any sense if we are putting them into a leaky bucket,” said Ciaran Doyle, Vice President of customer experience, Chegg. “Today, we can help ensure that every dollar we spend on customer acquisition is generating returns. With Adobe solutions, we have already increased our revenues and are looking forward to achieving more.”
For more information about how Chegg uses Adobe solutions, please download their recent case study. We’d love to hear how you are using Adobe solutions to increase your marketing efficiency and online relevance, so feel free to comment here, on our Facebook page, or e-mail us at
What is your company doing to provide a more relevant experience to your customers?
The Customer Success Team