Have you noticed that there are 67 days until Christ­mas? That means 34 days until Thanks­giv­ing, and 35 days until Black Fri­day. I’ve spo­ken with a few retail ana­lysts whose palms start to sweat when they think about 12 hour ses­sions in a war room, urgent text mes­sages from exec­u­tives, and con­stant requests for sales and pro­mo­tion updates.

Do you pub­lish­ers sit back and chuckle at the stress over the hol­i­day sea­son? You deal with this every day!

As an early hol­i­day gift, Adobe has released Cur­rent Data reports in Site­Cat­a­lyst 15. This is the first step in a multi-phase approach to pro­vid­ing access to recent and real-time ana­lyt­ics for Site­Cat­a­lyst cus­tomers. I’m really excited about what’s planned for 2013, but this first step is no pile of coal. You now have access to low-latency data for well over 100 reports and metrics.

To enable Cur­rent Data reports, go to Admin > User Man­age­ment > Groups and on the Pre-defined group called “Recent Data reports.”

Then select any users you’d like and add them to the group.

The next time these users log in, they will see a new set of reports show­ing today’s data, with very low latency. (Tip: don’t for­get to log out before look­ing for the reports.)

I’m sure you’ve got lots of ques­tions, so let’s get into some details.

Q: Exactly how “cur­rent” is this data?

A: These met­rics mir­ror the data recency in Site­Cat­a­lyst 14. Page Views and Instances on props are avail­able within a minute or two. Con­ver­sion met­rics and Instances on eVars are typ­i­cally avail­able within 20 min­utes, assum­ing no unex­pected spikes in traffic.


Q: Is this avail­able via ReportBuilder?

A: Not yet. We’re work­ing toward that goal.


Q: Are all of the Site­Cat­a­lyst 15 fea­tures avail­able in these reports?

A: Seg­ments, break­downs and the new v15-only met­rics (like total time spent) are only avail­able in the stan­dard sets of reports.


Q: Where can I get more infor­ma­tion about this feature?

A: Doc­u­men­ta­tion is avail­able in Help > Help Home, or just fol­low this link.


Q: Does enabling this fea­ture cause any extra pro­cess­ing or latency risk?

A: No. This data is avail­able for all report suites, regard­less of whether it is vis­i­ble to your users.


Q: Was any­thing else updated with this release?

A: The full release notes are avail­able here, but there’s one item worth men­tion­ing in this post. When new report suites are cre­ated, traf­fic reports are no longer case sen­si­tive (Home and home will be one item instead of two). If you’d like to enable “ignore case” for an exist­ing report suite, just sub­mit a request to Client­Care and they’ll make the change, which applies from that point for­ward. One note of cau­tion, if you are using Clas­si­fi­ca­tions on traf­fic vari­ables, we rec­om­mend you wait until 2013 given some tem­po­rary odd­i­ties with clas­si­fi­ca­tions and his­tor­i­cal case-sensitive data.


[Added on 31 Oct 2012]

Q: Is this data avail­able via the Site­Cat­a­lyst Report API?

A: No, though this is being con­sid­ered for an upcom­ing release.