Social shop­ping is where it’s at these days – more con­sumers are seek­ing sec­ond opin­ions from their social net­work before a pur­chase. But what about giv­ing con­sumers a way to cre­ate and cus­tomize items together before they buy? Enter Cus­tomizo, an inno­va­tor in the cus­tom, logoed apparel indus­try. Cus­tomizo offers a customer-centric online Design Stu­dio so that any­one from indi­vid­u­als and affin­ity groups, to sports teams and large busi­nesses, can use their logos and pro­pri­etary designs to design their own apparel and acces­sories. Through the Design Stu­dio, users share cre­ations among their group and col­lab­o­ra­tively edit, review, vote on, and final­ize a design.

Cus­tomizo uses Adobe Scene7 dynamic media solu­tions and Adobe Cre­ative Suite Design Pre­mium soft­ware to cre­ate this unique design plat­form and has recently seen online user engage­ment met­rics soar. Within a month of its new web­site going live the com­pany dra­mat­i­cally decreased bounce rates by 95% and increased con­ver­sion rates by 400%.

Customizo design studio

“Using Scene7 to improve the way cus­tomers design, pre­view, and com­plete their orders, we saw more online con­ver­sions in just two weeks than in the 18 months on our old web­site with our pre­vi­ous, more man­ual, solu­tion and processes,” explains Ryan Saun­ders, the Pres­i­dent of Cus­tomizo. “Adobe has helped our busi­ness become more nimble.”

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