Discovery Communications is the leading nonfiction media company, and its widely popular channels including Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet have helped the company attain 1.5 billion subscribers across 210 countries and territories. Francis Lavelle, director of Analytics for Discovery Communications, discussed how the media giant leverages Adobe Digital Marketing Suite solutions to create engaging online content and reach across social media networks. Lavelle commented on how Adobe solutions provide deeper insight into the behavior of social media visitors by commenting, “With Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, we can separate search visitors from social media visitors, and then sort social media visitors by the platform they used to find our content.”

With Adobe digital marketing solutions, Discovery has dramatically boosted loyal visitor acquisition by as much as 121%. Plus, with Adobe Digital Marketing Suite solutions Discovery added a well-liked, user-generated, photo sharing app on its websites, which assisted in augmenting visitor return rates by up to 140%.

Adobe solutions also streamlined delivery of more enticing content. Lavelle believes that Adobe solutions are critical to Discovery’s marketing strategies commenting, “The discoveries we’ve made about online visitor behaviors using Adobe Digital Marketing Suite have been invaluable to our marketing efforts.” To learn more about Discovery Communications’ use of Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, click here: (