Today, we are excited to release Developer Connection 2.0! We have gone through a major project to redesign the site and provide enhanced functionality in search, Code Gallery navigation, documentation structure, user profile management, and SPAM filtering.

The search is now powered by Adobe Search&Promote which provides you with a better result match to your keywords as well as faceted navigation. You can filter your results by category, page type (or section), and year published. With this, you should be able to more quickly find the documentation or forum thread most valuable to your query.

As the Code Gallery has grown, its become harder to find applications and code samples that are most useful in your environment. To make it easier to find exactly what you want, we have added filtering abilities where you can filter based on Rating, Date contributed, Tags, and Languages. For those of you who contributed to the Code Gallery in the past, please take a look at your post and add any relevant Tags or Languages. You can find your submittals by clicking on “My Contributions” on the left-hand menu in the Code Gallery.

Documentation has been restructured slightly and is now attached directly to our core systems making updates more rapid. As a result of this, you can expect to see more frequent updates to documentation as our APIs are released.

User Profiles have been enhanced to allow you to share more of your professional information to people in the community. By default, your most recent forum threads and forum comments are shown so that other users can see your contributions to the community. You can also add an RSS feed for your blog so that others can see what you have been posting on your own site and click through to read it. We’ve also added the ability to upload an image or avatar to be associated with your profile.

Lastly, we’ve enhanced our Spam filtering by using an external service that should improve our automated filtering of content that we don’t much appreciate.

We look forward to your continued contribution to the Developer Connection and are excited to hear your feedback and suggestions for how we can constantly improve!

Thanks for being part of the community,
The Developer Connection Team

Michael D. Healy
Michael D. Healy

Brent and Omniture Developer Team: Well done reworking of the developer site, really like that my RSS shows up on my Dev Profile! Thanks! Michael