Today, we are excited to release Devel­oper Con­nec­tion 2.0! We have gone through a major project to redesign the site and pro­vide enhanced func­tion­al­ity in search, Code Gallery nav­i­ga­tion, doc­u­men­ta­tion struc­ture, user pro­file man­age­ment, and SPAM filtering.

The search is now pow­ered by Adobe Search&Promote which pro­vides you with a bet­ter result match to your key­words as well as faceted nav­i­ga­tion. You can fil­ter your results by cat­e­gory, page type (or sec­tion), and year pub­lished. With this, you should be able to more quickly find the doc­u­men­ta­tion or forum thread most valu­able to your query.

As the Code Gallery has grown, its become harder to find appli­ca­tions and code sam­ples that are most use­ful in your envi­ron­ment. To make it eas­ier to find exactly what you want, we have added fil­ter­ing abil­i­ties where you can fil­ter based on Rat­ing, Date con­tributed, Tags, and Lan­guages. For those of you who con­tributed to the Code Gallery in the past, please take a look at your post and add any rel­e­vant Tags or Lan­guages. You can find your sub­mit­tals by click­ing on “My Con­tri­bu­tions” on the left-hand menu in the Code Gallery.

Doc­u­men­ta­tion has been restruc­tured slightly and is now attached directly to our core sys­tems mak­ing updates more rapid. As a result of this, you can expect to see more fre­quent updates to doc­u­men­ta­tion as our APIs are released.

User Pro­files have been enhanced to allow you to share more of your pro­fes­sional infor­ma­tion to peo­ple in the com­mu­nity. By default, your most recent forum threads and forum com­ments are shown so that other users can see your con­tri­bu­tions to the com­mu­nity. You can also add an RSS feed for your blog so that oth­ers can see what you have been post­ing on your own site and click through to read it. We’ve also added the abil­ity to upload an image or avatar to be asso­ci­ated with your profile.

Lastly, we’ve enhanced our Spam fil­ter­ing by using an exter­nal ser­vice that should improve our auto­mated fil­ter­ing of con­tent that we don’t much appreciate.

We look for­ward to your con­tin­ued con­tri­bu­tion to the Devel­oper Con­nec­tion and are excited to hear your feed­back and sug­ges­tions for how we can con­stantly improve!

Thanks for being part of the com­mu­nity,
The Devel­oper Con­nec­tion Team

Michael D. Healy
Michael D. Healy

Brent and Omniture Developer Team: Well done reworking of the developer site, really like that my RSS shows up on my Dev Profile! Thanks! Michael