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Adobe Dis­cover — Media Quick Win #2 Cross Visit Participation

I’m prepar­ing to take my fam­ily on our third trip to Dis­ney­land this year. I have 5 and 3 year-old daugh­ters that can spend all day in the Bip­pity Bop­pity Bou­tique or on one of the many princess attrac­tions. I’ll never for­get the smile on my daughter’s face when Cin­derella blew her a kiss dur­ing one of the many parades we attended. As I started writ­ing this post, I began think­ing about what an ana­lyst at Dis­ney­land would say my favorite ride was. If they were look­ing at ride con­sump­tion dur­ing my first visit this year, they would def­i­nitely say that my favorite ride was the Lit­tle Mer­maid ride, which my daugh­ter took me on over and over again. While I may or may not have had a thing for Ariel when I was 9, this is not my favorite ride now. If the ana­lyst were to ana­lyze all of my vis­its to the park they would find that I pre­ferred the much man­lier rides like Indi­ana Jones or Tower of Ter­ror. In this post, I’m going to show how look­ing at visit level data doesn’t show the whole pic­ture and why it is also impor­tant to look at visitor-level data as well.

In a pre­vi­ous week’s Dis­cover post Matt wrote a great arti­cle dis­cussing the mer­its of the met­ric known as “con­tent veloc­ity” and why one might want to use Dis­cover for this type of analy­sis. I’d like to con­tinue off the foun­da­tion that Matt built and dis­cuss addi­tional ways to think about con­tent consumption.

While con­tent veloc­ity does a great job of show­ing what type of con­tent dri­ves con­sump­tion within in a visit, that’s only one part of the story. For media clients over­all, con­tent con­sump­tion is depen­dent upon page views within a visit, as well as vis­i­tor return fre­quency.  Take for exam­ple the below scenario:

In the above table, we can see that vis­its that include a Slide Show view go on to drive 10.4 addi­tional page views. This is 85% more con­tent than the aver­age visit. The Slide Show con­tent type wins hands-down. This means we should run a test using Test&Target to pro­mote the slide show and drive vis­i­tors there, right? Well, let’s take a look at the aver­age num­ber of return vis­its dur­ing the week fol­low­ing the con­tent view.

While slide show vis­i­tors tend to view more dur­ing a visit, they don’t return to the site as often. Their low return fre­quency resulted in an aver­age of 15.6 page views dur­ing the week. While video con­tent con­sumers view half the con­tent in any given visit, they come back almost 3 times as often result­ing in an aver­age of 22.36 page views dur­ing the week. Now with this addi­tional infor­ma­tion, we may want to run a dif­fer­ent Test&Target cam­paign pro­mot­ing video content.

Don’t get me wrong, visit level con­tent veloc­ity is a great met­ric; how­ever, with the newest ver­sion of Dis­cover we now have an addi­tional met­ric we can use to view along­side the tra­di­tional Con­tent Veloc­ity met­ric. May I intro­duce Cross Visit Con­tent Velocity?

With the release of Dis­cover 3.0, we now have cross visit par­tic­i­pa­tion met­rics. You can find these under Con­ver­sion (Vis­i­tor Par­tic­i­pa­tion) met­rics group in the Left Nav­i­ga­tion Tool Panel met­rics dropdown.

If the con­tent veloc­ity met­ric is cal­cu­lated as [Page View Participation/Visits] then cross visit con­tent veloc­ity is sim­ply [Page View (Vis­i­tor Participation)/Visits]

In the below report, you can see how this addi­tional view of vis­i­tor level con­sump­tion may change the actions taken from your analy­sis. If you were to opti­mize solely on the results from con­tent veloc­ity, you might pro­mote search over other options. How­ever, look­ing at cross visit con­tent veloc­ity you can see that indi­vid­u­als view­ing the forum or the “news:archive” see less dur­ing the visit but come back much more fre­quently and ulti­mately con­sume more content.

I hope this gives you another arrow in your ana­lyt­i­cal quiver that can be used to max­i­mize your suc­cess. Next time, I’ll dis­cuss how we can use seg­ments in cal­cu­lated met­rics as a pow­er­ful ana­lyt­i­cal tool in Dis­cover. Don’t for­get to check back for that lit­tle gem.