Com­pa­nies all over the world are con­tin­u­ally look­ing for oppor­tu­ni­ties to increase rev­enue through their online chan­nels. Global biotech­nol­ogy com­pany, Life Tech­nolo­gies, has fig­ured out how to increase rev­enue for its com­pany, and very significantly.

Pre­vi­ously, Life Tech­nolo­gies, relied on third-party ven­dors to man­age its search strate­gies and imple­ment mar­ket­ing cam­paigns. How­ever, this strat­egy just wasn’t work­ing out the way the com­pany had envi­sioned.  In fact, Life Tech­nolo­gies was miss­ing out on rev­enue oppor­tu­ni­ties because search engine key­words weren’t tar­geted enough for exact matches.

To suc­ceed online, we needed to be able to lever­age an in-house team armed with the right solu­tions to imple­ment effec­tive mar­ket­ing tac­tics,” said Robin Smith, senior mar­ket­ing man­ager, Global eCom­merce at Life Tech­nolo­gies. “They needed to have a deep under­stand­ing of our prod­ucts and ser­vices and fast access to rel­e­vant ana­lyt­ics information.”

With the Adobe Online Mar­ket­ing Suite, Life Tech­nolo­gies has increased rev­enue by 70% in four months, boosted con­ver­sion rate by 73%, and improved team effi­ciency by more than 20%.

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