Companies all over the world are continually looking for opportunities to increase revenue through their online channels. Global biotechnology company, Life Technologies, has figured out how to increase revenue for its company, and very significantly.

Previously, Life Technologies, relied on third-party vendors to manage its search strategies and implement marketing campaigns. However, this strategy just wasn’t working out the way the company had envisioned.  In fact, Life Technologies was missing out on revenue opportunities because search engine keywords weren’t targeted enough for exact matches.

“To succeed online, we needed to be able to leverage an in-house team armed with the right solutions to implement effective marketing tactics,” said Robin Smith, senior marketing manager, Global eCommerce at Life Technologies. “They needed to have a deep understanding of our products and services and fast access to relevant analytics information.”

With the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, Life Technologies has increased revenue by 70% in four months, boosted conversion rate by 73%, and improved team efficiency by more than 20%.

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