A lot of buzz has been gen­er­ated lately regard­ing the Android plat­form rang­ing from com­ments by Google’s Eric Schmidt about lever­ag­ing the AdMob acqui­si­tion to expand the num­ber of ads on Android devices to the $100 mil­lion Ver­i­zon Droid mar­ket­ing cam­paign. Based on data from a seg­ment of Omni­ture cus­tomers, all the atten­tion has cre­ated lift for web usage on Android devices as a whole. The chart below shows com­par­a­tive mobile page view vol­ume for Android devices dur­ing Verizon’s launch of the Motorola Droid.


As you’ll notice from the chart, mobile web usage on Droid devices dur­ing the launch period was 8X higher than usage gen­er­ated on G1 devices dur­ing its launch last year. Also inter­est­ing is the appar­ent lift to all Android usage sparked by the Droid launch and gen­eral Android buzz. Here are two rea­sons why should you care:

    (1) The usage gap between the G1 and Droid launches can’t be entirely explained by higher Droid sales, indi­cat­ing users across all Android hand­sets are increas­ing their mobile web usage. Increased web usage on Android (and mobile in gen­eral) pro­vides higher returns for busi­nesses invest­ing in opti­mized mobile web experiences.

    (2) Increases in Android mar­ket share makes invest­ing in Android apps more appeal­ing. Busi­nesses wait­ing for a tip­ping point in crit­i­cal mass before port­ing their iPhone apps to other plat­forms like Android should closely watch these trends.

If you are a Site­Cat­a­lyst cus­tomer and you want to gauge the impact of the Droid launch (or Android in gen­eral) on your busi­ness, just go to Site­Cat­a­lyst > Mobile > Devices and search for the devices you wish to report.


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Ray Springer
Ray Springer

Link to SiteCatalyst for Android App does not work.

Ed Hewett
Ed Hewett

Ray--The link only works when clicked from an Android device.