Comcast understood how important their online channel was going to be to the overall success of the business. They wanted to help ensure they were developing positive online interactions that build strong customer relationships, enhance service, and drive revenue. The company also wanted to help relieve pressure on its call center and improve overall customer experiences by offering online self-service opportunities to customers, such as bill pay, service requests, and service related FAQs. Comcast leverages the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to gain a more complete picture of online and offline user interactions.

“With the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, we can quickly integrate each solution to develop a comprehensive picture of what customers are doing, where they are coming from, and what offline activities are taking place—including service connections and calls to our call center,” said Ashish Braganza, manager of digital analytics and optimization at Comcast.

Comcast use the data collected through the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to better understand how Comcast customers were consuming website content and where they were falling out of the conversion funnel. With the data, Comcast could then identify where further optimization and new offers could be targeted.

With the Adobe solutions, Comcast has seen some significant results including the following: increased conversion for bundled services by 44%; improved customer affinity for premium package offers by 18%; and significantly reduced strain on customer call center.

“The ability to integrate the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite with our financial systems has proven to be one of our biggest successes yet,” said Braganza. “Being able to measure our efforts in terms of service connections and revenues, as well as view their root causes, drives nearly every online decision we make and sets the stage for long-term future strategies.”

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