We’re excited to announce that our multi-channel advertising optimization technology acquired from Efficient Frontier has now been rebranded Adobe AdLens. This unified solution for optimizing search, social and display advertising has been enhanced with a new user interface integrated into the broader Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. AdLens also offers data integration with the Digital Marketing Suite to provide customers with improved ad optimization, accurate forecasting, and simple deployment.

With the Digital Marketing Suite integration with AdLens, large data sets can be used for ad optimization, custom analysis and reporting in real-time. Through ease of deployment, AdLens customers can quickly realize ROI from advertising optimization with a comprehensive view of their digital advertising spend. This native integration with real-time data will allow Digital Marketing Suite customers to rapidly deploy AdLens with minimal effort and no manual integration or cumbersome data feeds.

Available now, digital marketers and advertisers using AdLens will benefit from these features and capabilities:

  • Unified View of Multi-Channel Campaigns—See which channels and campaigns are impacting key business metrics, such as conversion and revenue.
  • Multi-Channel Strategy Execution from Unified Interface—Campaign management and optimization for search, display and social channels. Application programming interface integration with Baidu, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex, as well as real-time bidding integration with leading ad exchanges and supply-side platforms.
  • Flexible Attribution Models and Accurate Forecasting—Move from an over-reliance on “last-click” attribution to flexible models that can accurately forecast which channel, or combination of channels, will deliver results for changing goals and budgets.
  • Seamless Workflow from Insight to Action—Uniquely automates optimization, enabling marketers to purchase more of what is working based on proven bidding models and algorithms. Marketers still maintain control at every step of the process.
  • Updated User Interface—New UI provides many capabilities familiar to search marketers, as well as breakthrough features such as inline editing for quick changes, advanced filtering for large advertisers with millions of keywords, and automated custom labeling.

We’ll keep investing in industry-leading workflow and data visualizations to allow marketers to quickly drill into data across all online channels to find unique insights and automate action. AdLens will keep expanding with additional functionality as well as integrations with other products in the Digital Marketing Suite so check it out and let us know what you think!

- Bill Mungovan is the director of product management & strategy, Advertising Solutions, for Adobe’s Digital Marketing Business