As I prepare for Adobe’s annual Summit event in Salt Lake City next week, I wanted to make people aware of the other session I’m involved with “Playing to Win – Ensuring Your Organization Supports Analytics Success”. I’m super excited about this session for the following four reasons (these reasons might just pique your interest as well):

1. Relevant, critical topic

If you have read any of my blog posts, you know I’m passionate about web analytics governance. If you want to be data-driven as an organization, it takes more than just great products like SiteCatalyst, Test&Target, or Insight – it also takes people and processes among other things. As a consultant, I’ve run into many situations where organizational challenges – a lack of executive support, inadequate staffing, insufficient training, broken or missing processes, poor change management, etc. – have impeded the ability of companies to be fully successful with our products or even competitor tools. This session will focus on how to bring it together to be successful in analytics and optimization (Playing to win!).

2. Oracle co-presenter

Andrew Carr from Oracle will be co-presenting with me during this session. Andrew will bring real-world experiences from his role as Senior Director, Web Analytics – Metrics at Oracle. I’m anticipating some interesting stories and insights from Andrew in his time at one of the world’s largest software companies. Andrew has worked for Oracle since 1996 holding the positions of Product Manager for Oracle Internet Developer Suite and Senior Director of the Oracle Technology Network before taking up the leadership of the Web Analytics and Metrics group in 2008. Andrew Carr graduated from Birmingham University, England with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Production Engineering and a B.A. degree in Economics (Honors).

3. New framework and maturity model

During this session, I’ll be unveiling a new web analytics framework and maturity model based on Adobe Consulting’s combined experience in working with hundreds of small and large organizations that are striving to become more data-driven. Although there are already a few maturity models on the market, I believe this framework and model will really resonate with our clients. I am confident that it will provide the right level of emphasis and direction to companies as they build out their analytics and optimization capabilities.

4. Peer interaction

This is one of only four sessions which will feature a roundtable discussion format. This is your chance to meet and interact with fellow practitioners who are going through (or have conquered) exactly the same challenges as you are facing. It represents an invaluable opportunity to share pain points, ideas, and best practices as well as expanding your analytics network. When we conducted a similar roundtable at last year’s Summit, multiple attendees commented that it was one of their best experiences at Summit. Warning: If you want to avoid insightful discussions and practical advice from your analytics peers, this session isn’t for you.

Hopefully, I was able to persuade you to join us for this compelling Adobe Summit session, and I look forward to seeing all of you next week!



Playing to Win – Ensuring Your Organization Supports Analytics Success (409)
Are you playing to win or just watching from the sidelines? Winning companies share common, fundamental organizational characteristics that enable them to successfully implement, adopt, and leverage their analytics solution to optimize their business.  As many companies have discovered, organizational challenges – not technical issues – frequently impede the success of analytics programs. Some of these organizational issues may be due to internal conflicts, budgetary issues, or resource limitations.  Championship firms have made an investment in more than just the analytics tools but also the right players and the right game plan. Come and learn more about the organizational strategies that will position your company’s analytics for a winning record in 2011.

In this session, you will:

  • Hear from a Senior Executive at Oracle about how his organization was able to overcome several obstacles that could have impeded a successful analytics solution, by recognizing areas of risk to position the organization and its strategies correctly
  • See how Adobe’s new maturity model can help your company determine where it thrives and/or has potential opportunity for growth
  • Participate in an interactive roundtable discussion where you will be able to discuss ideas, challenges, and best practices with peers from other organizations

This session will appeal to marketing executives sponsoring implementations, managers who are navigating challenges within implementations which extend beyond technology, and key stakeholders who want to drive the maturation of their organization.