Recently, we’ve been work­ing on some very inter­est­ing new fea­tures for our devel­op­ers. In order to sim­plify devel­op­ment, we’ve built out REST web ser­vices for our Site­Cat­a­lyst and DataWare­house APIs! Under the same theme of sim­pli­fy­ing devel­op­ment, we’ve built out a Web Ser­vices Explorer that pro­vides an envi­ron­ment to eas­ily test API calls.

Let’s rewind a bit and give a quick overview of these things…
“REST (Rep­re­sen­ta­tional State Trans­fer) is an approach for get­ting infor­ma­tion con­tent from a Web site by read­ing a des­ig­nated Web page that con­tains an XML file that describes and includes the desired con­tent.” –from Search​SOA​.com

Other than being wordy, that means that REST ser­vices are a way to inter­act with APIs using a metaphor of down­load­ing, mod­i­fy­ing, and upload­ing files. There are dif­fer­ent lev­els to which APIs adhere to this metaphor. Some are very strict, where each inter­ac­tion is sim­ply the exchange of a resource, some are more sim­i­lar to remote pro­ce­dure calls (RPC). Omniture’s new REST ser­vices are RPC-like. We’ll cre­ate more con­tent on this later and dis­cus­sions will crop up on the Devel­oper Con­nec­tion, but for now I’d like to ask those who are inter­ested in being part of our Beta process to reach out to me (brent at adobe dot com). I would love to have you as part of the beta process!

Over the last year we’ve seen good adop­tion rates for our APIs and we’ve gath­ered a good amount of feed­back. One thing we’ve seen is that, although SOAP is the stan­dard for enterprise-class devel­op­ment, it takes a pretty savvy devel­oper to go ahead and get a project setup to make SOAP calls. There are many more peo­ple out there who would like to test out dif­fer­ent aspects of our APIs or exper­i­ment who just don’t take as much time to dive in. We want to give them the abil­ity to dive in and start play­ing around. In order to address this, we’ve put together an explorer giv­ing devel­op­ers the abil­ity to enter their cre­den­tials, choose the data cen­ter (envi­ron­ment) where their report suite resides, select one of the many meth­ods avail­able via the WSDL and exe­cute a request. Input para­me­ters for the call can be mod­i­fied in the Request pane and the response can be viewed in the Response pane. We’ll put together more sam­ples and videos out­lin­ing how to use the explorer, but for now we’d like to give you the oppor­tu­nity to play around with it while it is in beta:

(use your Devel­oper Con­nec­tion account to login and gain access)

Please keep in mind that calls made through the Explorer do in fact con­sume tokens that are allot­ted to your com­pany in Site­Cat­a­lyst. You have 2,000 tokens allot­ted to you for free. Also, it should be noted that Part­ner ver­sion of the APIs is not yet acces­si­ble through the explorer, this is intended for clients access­ing their envi­ron­ments directly.

Please reach out to the com­mu­nity with any ques­tions! Feel to ask on the forums, respond to this blog post, or email me directly!