In today’s blog post I wanted to dis­cuss report­ing and high­light a few of the fea­tures in our Report­Builder Tool. While many of our read­ers are Report­Builder experts I still get fre­quent ques­tions on the topic so I fig­ured it was worth cov­er­ing a few of the fea­tures I find most valuable.

Report­Builder is used to pull Site­Cat­a­lyst data into excel so that it can be fur­ther ana­lyzed, manip­u­lated, and reported on. Often Report­Builder is thought of as just a dash­board­ing tool. How­ever, I rarely per­form analy­sis for clients in Site­Cat­a­lyst, but rather pull the data into excel so I can bet­ter ana­lyze and apply sta­tis­ti­cal mod­els to the data. If you’re not using Report­Builder in your daily job, it may be time to start.

Quick Intro to ReportBuilder

I’m not going to give a step by step of how to use every fea­ture in Report­Builder  so here is my over-simplified ver­sion of how Report­Builder works:

ReportBuilder-Step1Step one: Choose your report suite, select the base report you are pulling, choose a date range, and decide what gran­u­lar­ity you want.





ReportBuilder-Step2Step two: Select met­rics, choose addi­tional dimen­sions (break­downs), orga­nize pivot table struc­tures, and insert the data request.




Let’s Dive Deeper

Now that we’ve cov­ered the basics let’s talk about some of the lesser known and more advanced fea­tures of Report­Builder that will help in your analy­sis and report­ing. Although there are many cool things that you can do with Report­Builder, I’ve cho­sen three.

Cool thing #1:  Mul­ti­level break­downs are avail­able on classifications.

In Site­Cat­a­lyst when break­ing down an eVar or eVar clas­si­fi­ca­tion you are lim­ited to a two-level breakdown.

Imag­ine you’re the Dis­play mar­ket­ing guru at your com­pany and are run­ning mul­ti­ple dis­play cam­paigns across mul­ti­ple place­ments. If you need to pull a report that shows Mar­ket­ing Chan­nel (dis­play) bro­ken down by Ad Name (ski­ing spe­cials) and then bro­ken down by Ad Place­ment, you won’t be able to do this in SiteCatalyst.

Site­Cat­a­lyst only pro­vides one level break­downs on eVars and classifications.


Report­Builder, how­ever, allows you to pull mul­ti­ple level break­downs on clas­si­fi­ca­tions. To do this I first chose cam­paign> Mar­ket­ing Chan­nel in step one of the wizard.


In step two of the wiz­ard I clicked the Dimen­sions tab and dragged over Dis­play Ad Name and Dis­play Place­ment (these are clas­si­fi­ca­tion columns).

ReportBuilder_Breakdown_Step2The end result is a report with mul­ti­ple breakdowns.


Cool thing #2:  Matching

In Report­Builder you can pull a data set (exam­ple: top 15 arti­cles) for a spe­cific time period then return results for that same data set for a dif­fer­ent date range.

This is use­ful if you want to build a “Movers and Shak­ers” report. A “Movers and Shak­ers” report just shows which key­words, arti­cles, etc… had the biggest increase or decrease in traf­fic over a given time period.

ARB_top10_search_keywordsFor this exam­ple let’s say I used Report­Builder to pull the top 10 inter­nal search key­words for last week.





ARB_keywords_setupNext high­light the 10 key­words, right click on the high­lighted results, and select Add Depen­dent Request > Matching.




ARB_keywords_dateThis will bring up the first step of the Request Wiz­ard. Here you can change the date to be the pre­vi­ous week.


On step 2 you just need to select your met­ric and the insert loca­tion. The result will be a report sim­i­lar to the one below. You can then apply dif­fer­ent for­mu­las to sort and rank by great­est per­cent change.


Cool thing #3:  Seg­men­ta­tion

Just like seg­men­ta­tion is avail­able in Site­Cat­a­lyst 15, it is now avail­able in the newest ver­sion of Report­Builder. This is great for clients that want to report on their top KPIs for mul­ti­ple seg­ments. Imag­ine cre­at­ing a KPI dash­board for each of your cus­tomer seg­ments with­out need­ing to do cor­re­la­tions and sub­re­la­tions. You can cre­ate one KPI dash­board and copy it for each segment.

The process for adding a seg­ment is straight­for­ward. On step one of the Request Wiz­ard you will find a drop­down for segments.


These seg­ments need to be cre­ated in Site­Cat­a­lyst first. If you are logged into Report­Builder when the seg­ment is cre­ated you will need logout and log back in before the seg­ment will become available.

As a bonus tip (I know you wanted one more), if you cre­ate a seg­ment in the Saint­Cat­a­lyst inter­face it will be avail­able to just you and for a spe­cific report suite. If you cre­ate that seg­ment in the Site­Cat­a­lyst Admin con­sole it will be avail­able to all users for a spe­cific report suite. How­ever, if you cre­ate the seg­ment in Dis­cover and put it in a shared folder it will be avail­able to all users for all report suites.

Good luck with your analy­sis using this great tool from Adobe!



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