With the hol­i­day sea­son now in full swing I thought I would talk about some impor­tant top­ics that affect the suc­cess of the hol­i­day sell­ing sea­son and lead into a great new year.

The most sig­nif­i­cant hur­dle dur­ing the hol­i­day is resource man­age­ment. Busi­nesses must ensure they don’t miss out on key dates for pro­mo­tions or the sub­stan­tial increase in hol­i­day vol­ume due to staffing and time man­age­ment. This comes down to a few key areas that allow teams to plan and man­age hol­i­day mar­ket­ing cam­paigns effi­ciently and deliver the great­est results:

– Data inte­gra­tion
– Automa­tion dri­ven by data
– Ease of use

Let’s go through each of these topics

Data Inte­gra­tion
One of the main issues most com­pa­nies face is gath­er­ing and com­pil­ing a com­plete set of data in a sin­gle data ware­house with con­fi­dence in tim­ing and qual­ity. This all starts with the base ana­lyt­ics tag­ging of the site and the abil­ity to map the data with ad track­ing codes for any tac­tic seam­lessly. The base tag­ging will deliver as much (or as lit­tle) data as a com­pany needs to run their busi­ness. But this is a crit­i­cal state­ment – busi­nesses might under esti­mate what is truly pos­si­ble with the right data. A broad exam­ple is con­ver­sion rate. Yes if a site is cap­tur­ing orders (if that is the ulti­mate met­ric), then they can cal­cu­late con­ver­sion rate. How­ever, if they are not cap­tur­ing visit data along with entry and exit page pathing, they can’t deter­mine bounce rates or cre­ate a pro­gram to opti­mize the land­ing page expe­ri­ence for vis­i­tors. And this would come down to hav­ing tags on the check­out page, but not hav­ing tag­ging across the site.

Automa­tion dri­ven by data
Look­ing at search cam­paigns specif­i­cally, the search mar­keter of course focuses on the high vol­ume terms or groups that are dri­ving the major­ity of con­ver­sions. These key­word sets are han­dled with spe­cial care and opti­mized to ensure goals are met. How­ever, we all know there are far more words or groups in the tail that have a sig­nif­i­cant impact on the over­all cam­paign, but require far too much time to man­age man­u­ally. Which is why auto­mated bid algo­rithms are another crit­i­cal aspect of search mar­ket­ing. And to tie in the data inte­gra­tion piece, a busi­ness must cap­ture met­rics through­out the pur­chase fun­nel to align key­words (or defined cus­tom groups) with their rel­a­tive met­ric to define appro­pri­ate bid amounts and set auto­mated bid strate­gies to adjust based on cur­rent data. The abil­ity to cre­ate these bid strate­gies by sim­ply pulling in the key met­rics is imper­a­tive to run a full scale and effi­cient campaign.

Ease of Use
Another sig­nif­i­cant topic in the search mar­ket­ing world. One spe­cific area here is launch­ing new cam­paigns or bulk edits. Man­ag­ing and sched­ul­ing across mul­ti­ple engines is a neces­sity dur­ing the hol­i­day; every impres­sion and poten­tial click is bat­tle ground. Com­pa­nies must put forth com­pelling offers and cre­ative tied to land­ing pages to attract poten­tial buy­ers. But that cre­ates tim­ing chal­lenges – you do have a life out­side of work. Def­i­nitely dur­ing the hol­i­day with the over abun­dance of din­ners and gath­er­ings. Who wants to remem­ber to log-in or go into the office at 11pm to launch the cam­paigns that must go live at mid­night? Auto­mated sched­ul­ing will free you from these restric­tions and give you time to think about other impor­tant details; which leads us back to resource management.

Over­all, if you have access to the right data and the right tools to man­age your cam­paigns effi­ciently, you will gen­er­ate bet­ter results dur­ing the hol­i­day because you had time to ensure the basics were being cov­ered and you had time to think about new strate­gies to expand and refine your mar­ket­ing programs.

Get the most from your hol­i­days on a pro­fes­sional and per­sonal level. And if you don’t, con­tact Adobe, fea­tur­ing Omni­ture Tech­nol­ogy to ensure you are ready for your next sell­ing opportunity.