As the support for third-party cookies has become more and more limited across browsers, Adobe has been working on new solutions that carefully balance customer requirements with the consumer’s right to privacy across the Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. With the announcement from Mozilla to block all third-party cookies in Firefox, we wanted to offer the following recommendations to minimize the impact to your website.

In the short term, customers should test how their sites operate when the browser blocks third-party cookies. To do this, download the Nightly Firefox build. In particular, look whether the sign-in, security and fraud prevention, and billing processes continue to work.  If you notice anything that breaks a page or reduces the user experience, or prevents commonly accepted practices, we strongly suggest you file a ‘you broke my site’ report with Mozilla. This will be important feedback for Mozilla as they move toward release 22, planned for this summer.

How does Mozilla’s announcement affect current implementations of the Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions:

  • Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target:
    • Customers with a first-party implementation would remain largely unaffected.
    • We advise customers to consider leveraging declared IDs.  In the absence of declared IDs, customers should replace their old JavaScript code with new code.
  • Adobe Experience Manager:
    • As Adobe Experience Manager operates wholly within the customer’s domain, there is minimal interaction with third-party cookies and thus minimal to no impact.
  • Adobe Social:
    • Social would not be impacted as long as the customer has the newest version of the code.
  • Adobe Media Optimizer:
    • Search:
      • Where search is optimized based on Adobe Analytics data, Search would be impacted in the same way as Adobe Analytics.
      • Collection of conversion data should be unaffected.
    • Display:
      • Display remarketing today is entirely dependent upon the usage of third-party cookies.
      • Display is also heavily dependent on the availability of various advertising network cookies for synchronization.
      • Overall impact is unknown, however, per the first point, display will be affected more than other services.
      • We are working internally and with our advertising partners to evaluate the full extent to the impact on ad delivery.
    • Social:
      • There is no impact to Facebook marketplace ads.
      • Facebook Exchange (FBX) will be affected the same as display ad delivery.