Wor­ried about get­ting your Thanks­giv­ing bird cooked to per­fec­tion while wran­gling rel­a­tives? There’s an app for that! The new Turkey Timer Mobile App inte­grates a meat ther­mome­ter with a mobile net­work to send an SMS to your phone when your bird is done. Now you don’t have to hover over the oven door for the last 30 min­utes of cook time wait­ing for the timer to pop. Instead, you can hang out in the liv­ing room with your long-lost rel­a­tives, put the nieces and nephews in a head­lock, or watch the pre-game show on TV.

In the turkey timer con­cept, inte­grat­ing mobile ser­vices into the cur­rent prod­uct offer­ing sup­ports over­all busi­ness objec­tives, cre­ates a mar­ket dif­fer­en­tia­tor, and adds value to the cur­rent prod­uct offer­ing. As we’ve dis­cussed in other posts, mobile ini­tia­tives are gen­er­ally most effec­tive when inte­grated into over­all busi­ness strat­egy. A holis­tic approach doesn’t just lever­age mobile ser­vices for their “cool­ness” factor—it cre­ates an oppor­tu­nity for the mobile touch points to drive value for over­all busi­ness objec­tives. Your home­work for the week­end: look for ways to enhance cur­rent prod­uct offer­ings with inte­grated mobile services.


Dis­claimer: Unlike the other posts in this blog, the turkey timer con­cept is entirely fic­tional (although maybe not for long) and was writ­ten for all of you in the US who will be enter­ing a Turkey induced coma some­time Thurs­day afternoon.