Worried about getting your Thanksgiving bird cooked to perfection while wrangling relatives? There’s an app for that! The new Turkey Timer Mobile App integrates a meat thermometer with a mobile network to send an SMS to your phone when your bird is done. Now you don’t have to hover over the oven door for the last 30 minutes of cook time waiting for the timer to pop. Instead, you can hang out in the living room with your long-lost relatives, put the nieces and nephews in a headlock, or watch the pre-game show on TV.

In the turkey timer concept, integrating mobile services into the current product offering supports overall business objectives, creates a market differentiator, and adds value to the current product offering. As we’ve discussed in other posts, mobile initiatives are generally most effective when integrated into overall business strategy. A holistic approach doesn’t just leverage mobile services for their “coolness” factor—it creates an opportunity for the mobile touch points to drive value for overall business objectives. Your homework for the weekend: look for ways to enhance current product offerings with integrated mobile services.


Disclaimer: Unlike the other posts in this blog, the turkey timer concept is entirely fictional (although maybe not for long) and was written for all of you in the US who will be entering a Turkey induced coma sometime Thursday afternoon.