Hi, I’m David Kirschner, over­seer of the HBX Migra­tion Con­sult­ing team, mover of HBX clients on to the Site­Cat­a­lyst plat­form, long-time Omni­ture employee, and writer of ram­bling, run-on expos­i­tory sen­tences. Yes, I’m new to the Blo­gos­phere but not to the world of Web ana­lyt­ics. For nearly 14 years, I’ve been doing this stuff. In fact, shortly after the earth cooled, I found myself crammed in a cubi­cle, comb­ing through log files and won­der­ing if any of the nifty soft­ware sales pre­sen­ta­tions I’d seen would ever become real­ity. It looked so good dur­ing the demo, when will it actu­ally work? I’m pleased to say that day has finally come.

When cur­rent Site­Cat­a­lyst HBX clients ask me “what’s the biggest advan­tage to switch­ing over to Site­Cat­a­lyst?” the answer is easy – lever­ag­ing the power of the Omni­ture Suite. Sure, Omni­ture is still 100% focused on Web ana­lyt­ics but we’re also look­ing for our clients to find new and effi­cient means of tak­ing action on those met­rics.  Just a few of the cool things for­mer HBX clients are doing in Site­Cat­a­lyst include send­ing rules-driven emails with­out lift­ing a fin­ger; merg­ing online and offline data points to see holis­tic cam­paign and post-campaign per­for­mance; and feed­ing data into their con­tent man­age­ment sys­tems to increase user engage­ment. Over the com­ing months, I will be using this blog to high­light what for­mer HBX clients are doing now that they’re using Site­Cat­a­lyst and the Omni­ture Suite.

I will also share exam­ples about how tak­ing a fresh look at imple­men­ta­tion can yield amaz­ing results. One of my Con­sul­tants was work­ing with iMe­dia Con­nec­tion. They had a need to track how many page views every arti­cle receives within the first seven days of being pub­lished.  Appar­ently, they had two Web ana­lysts spend­ing 500 hours a year craft­ing this data to pop­u­late Excel reports. There are a lot of ways to meet this require­ment in Site­Cat­a­lyst, but the Imple­men­ta­tion Con­sul­tant devised a very sim­ple solu­tion.  Instead of per­form­ing the cal­cu­la­tions on exist­ing data, use the Web appli­ca­tion itself to cal­cu­late before send­ing data to Site­Cat­a­lyst.  When dis­play­ing an arti­cle, the Web Appli­ca­tion will do two things: 1) set a page view event.  2) If the arti­cle being dis­played was pub­lished less than 7 days ago, we will set another event.  This event will tally our “7 Day Page Views”.  Below you can see our con­ver­sion report for Arti­cle Name where we have pulled in both of these events.

Sample Report

Sam­ple Report

I can already hear some of you ask­ing, “Couldn’t they have done this in HBX?” Yep, but they hadn’t. And that’s my sec­ond point. Even if you don’t uti­lize the Omni­ture Suite, as a migrat­ing HBX cus­tomer, you can take advan­tage of the free hours Omni­ture Con­sult­ing pro­vides to meet your busi­ness require­ments and improve upon your imple­men­ta­tion. That’s our gig here in the HBX Migra­tion Con­sult­ing team; to help find a bet­ter way, to save you money and to help you do more with less.

I really hope my blog doesn’t come off as sales-y, but I know you fine denizens of the Blo­gos­phere will smack me down if it does. I mostly want oth­ers to under­stand the “Art of the Pos­si­ble” with Site­Cat­a­lyst and the Omni­ture Suite.  I want to inter­act with oth­ers who get as geeked up about this stuff as I do. And I want to demon­strate to all cur­rent and for­mer Site­Cat­a­lyst HBX cus­tomers that we’re com­mit­ted to meet­ing your key busi­ness require­ments. So book­mark this blog for more suc­cess sto­ries and if you’ve got one of your own, please send it along. Get your feeds burn­ing. Digg my prose. I’ll see you in syn­di­ca­tion and promise to keep it Really Simple.

David Kirschner
David Kirschner

Thanks John. If anyone's interested in reading more about how John's company leveraged SiteSearch, SiteCatalyst and Discover, please read their case study, which is available at http://www.omniture.com/offer/625. It's a great example of how the various products in the Omniture Suite have exponential value when used together.

John Stansbury
John Stansbury

We migrated from HBX to SiteCatalyst here at CreditCards.com as soon as we could after the acquisition. It was the best decision we ever made. My only concern was losing ReportBuilder, but now the SiteCatalyst flavor of ReportBuilder is even better. The Fusion implementation methodology made the process very easy and painless. I know this sounds very sales-y, but I can't stress enough how much we've gained by migrating.