Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co. removes the bottlenecks that negatively affect customer experiences using the vital insights it gains by using Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target in Adobe Marketing Cloud. The solutions also help the Japanese credit card company measure conversions across channels and accurately attribute new card applications to specific ads and identify patterns in successful advertisement.

“Adobe Analytics enables us to determine how customers came to our page, including which banner they used, which site they were on, and what their last touch was,” says Kaori Yamada, Internet business sectional manager at Sumitomo Mitsui Card. “We discovered that a surprising number of customers come from their bookmarks and that many first-time customers will apply for a credit card. The patterns are also different when comparing weekends versus the work week. All of this information is giving us great insight into our customers.”

Sumitomo Mitsui has rebuilt its credit card customer portal, Vpass, to optimize customer experiences. By fine-tuning content with A/B testing in Adobe Target, Sumitomo Mitsui has increased campaign participation by 14 percent.