As I’ve writ­ten pre­vi­ously, online cus­tomers are increas­ingly demand­ing higher rel­e­vance from their Web expe­ri­ences. And that cer­tainly includes higher rel­e­vance from the email mar­ket­ing offers they receive. By link­ing web­site behav­ior with email mar­ket­ing cam­paigns, mar­keters can dra­mat­i­cally improve mes­sage rel­e­vance — and con­ver­sion results.

In fact, accord­ing to Jupiter Research, tar­geted emails that lever­age Web site click stream data gen­er­ate a nine times improve­ment in rev­enue, and as much as 32 times more in net profit, on aver­age, over undif­fer­en­ti­ated broad­cast campaigns.

But despite that fact, roughly one in four mar­keters launch email cam­paigns with­out any tar­get­ing or dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion — and only 11 per­cent actu­ally send tar­geted cam­paigns based on key insights like pur­chase his­tory or click stream activity.

Pre­serve your mar­gins! Here’s another inter­est­ing fact: 60 per­cent of con­sumers who made imme­di­ate pur­chases from emails did so because the email con­tained prod­ucts they were already con­sid­er­ing. The impor­tance of this is that you don’t have to offer dis­counts or free items to drive conversion.

Think about it: Peo­ple are more likely to pur­chase prod­ucts when they receive a tar­geted email that includes prod­ucts they are already think­ing about buy­ing. This under­scores the need to engage the cus­tomer at the right time with the cor­rect offer – not the need to incent with discounts.

For exam­ple, say you’re an elec­tron­ics retailer. By mon­i­tor­ing the click stream activ­ity of a cus­tomer, you see that she has arrived at your home page and then trav­eled directly to the big screen TV cat­e­gory. She has browsed sev­eral dif­fer­ent brands of tele­vi­sions, on a few dif­fer­ent vis­its, but has yet to make a purchase.

By send­ing a timely email show­ing the rel­e­vant prod­ucts that she has con­sid­ered, you can vastly improve your like­li­hood of a sale. Of course, none of us are mind read­ers, but armed with click stream behav­ior data, we can make well informed deci­sions about the desires of our customers.

In order to mar­ket in this way — to tar­get and send more rel­e­vant mes­sages — you must have the abil­ity to col­lect cus­tomer click stream data with Web ana­lyt­ics and auto­mate the shar­ing of the infor­ma­tion with your email ser­vice provider.

Once you have these pieces in place, you’ll be able to deliver rel­e­vant email mes­sages such as in the exam­ple above. You can tar­get mes­sages based on based on prod­ucts that were viewed dur­ing a visit, prod­ucts that were left in an aban­doned shop­ping cart, or a par­tially com­pleted sub­scrip­tion form, etc. Through Omni­ture Gen­e­sis you can tar­get your email remar­ket­ing based upon any tar­geted cus­tomer seg­ment you choose to cre­ate. You’ll see a dra­matic impact on rev­enue with min­i­mal impact on cost, since all you are doing is lever­ag­ing vis­i­tor infor­ma­tion your site is already getting.

In future posts, I’ll share more about how to begin mak­ing this hap­pen, and I’ll share real-world exam­ples of tar­geted email mar­ket­ing that works.