Three years ago, when I joined Omniture Consulting after being one of the early Omniture SiteCatalyst customers, I thought I knew everything there was to know about SiteCatalyst.  I had used the product for years, had created hundreds of reports/dashboards and presented data to the highest levels of my organization.  Then I started working side by side with the (then) small band of Omniture Consultants and with each passing day, I quickly realized that I had much more to learn.  My fellow consultants had done things I never dreamed of and had a ninja-like mastery of SiteCatalyst that put me to shame!  As I learned from them and began working with great, cutting-edge clients, thankfully I got to the point where I could honestly call myself knowledgeable in SiteCatalyst.  After going through this evolutionary process, I was often quoted as saying:

“If every Omniture client could learn some of the things I learned in the process of going from an Omniture client to an Omniture Consultant, we’d have a lot more clients doing amazing things with our products!”

Therefore, I have always made it a priority to recall the things I didn’t know then, but have since learned and to impart as much of that knowledge as possible to my clients.  Time and time again, I meet Omniture clients that are using twenty to thirty percent of our product capabilities due to a lack education or simply not knowing about the existence of key features.  As evidence of this, we did an experiment at last year’s Omniture Summit.  I gave a presentation on SiteCatalyst Power Strategies which was very atypical in that it focused on SiteCatalyst features vs. web analytic concepts.  The response was overwhelming (as rated by the # of positive e-mails I received!) and appeared to have struck a nerve.  Those in attendance were self-described “power users” and many contacted me afterwards to say they weren’t familiar with many of the concepts I had discussed.  If these power users learned something new, imagine what the rest of the SiteCatalyst user base has the potential to learn!  The feedback we received from this session was that customers need a venue (for which the word “blog” was mentioned repeatedly) for helping them transition from novices to experts so that they could know enough to maximize their investment in SiteCatalyst.

What This Blog Is…
While nothing can replace the classroom training provided by Omniture University, my goals for this blog are to accomplish the following:

  1. Ensure that all Omniture clients have a venue to learn about the fundamentals of SiteCatalyst so that they can be successful in their Web Analysis or Marketing roles.  Much of the content will be educational in nature, but I will strive to provide only the essentials and do so in a non-user manual way!
  2. Provide power user tips and tricks on how to answer real-world web analytics questions by leveraging SiteCatalyst.  These may come from Omniture Consulting or directly from you!  So as not to overwhelm those who are newer to SiteCatalyst, I will start with the basics, but promise to get more advanced soon so power users get value as well…
  3. Do my best to answer questions you may have about SiteCatalyst features or answering key business questions you have via SiteCatalyst

What This Blog is Not…
It is equally important to state what this blog will not do.  This blog will not cover conceptual web analytic topics.  There are plenty of smart people out there blogging about web analytic processes, theories, etc… so I will leave that to them.  In addition, this blog will not cover technical or implementation related topics since it is meant for people using SiteCatalyst vs. people tagging/implementing SiteCatalyst.  Finally, this blog will not cover Discover, Survey, Test & Target, etc… but if this blog is successful, it may open the doors to similar blogs for those products.  However, I will include Excel Tools, Data Warehouse, ASI, VISTA and all other tools related to SiteCatalyst.

Lastly, I feel that the success of this blog will ultimately be determined by you.  The more you share posts with co-workers, add comments to posts and/or contact me with topics you want me to cover or questions for me to answer, the more successful it will ultimately be.  So here’s hoping for the beginning of a fruitful, mutually beneficial forum…Enjoy!

Have a question about anything related to SiteCatalyst?  Is there something on your website that you would like to report on, but don’t know how?  Do you have any tips or best practices you want to share?  If so, please send me an e-mail at and I will do my best to answer it right here on the blog so everyone can learn! (Don’t worry – I will not use your name or company name!)
Adam Greco
Adam Greco

Jason - It is always fun to see both sides of the situation! Feel free to e-mail me the features you found most helpful in your new role so perhaps I can share information on that in a future post...Thanks!


I had the same experience except the other way around. When I was at Omniture I thought I knew all there was to know about SiteCatalyst and Discover however when I became responsible SiteCatalyst and Discover at my current job, I quickly learned that I had only scratched the surface of the power of the Omniture products.