It’s that time of year. Yes­ter­day, my sis­ter and her fam­ily packed into their vehi­cle and are now on their sum­mer vaca­tion road trip to visit me. I can almost hear the kids in the back seat doing the time-honored “Are we there yet?” rou­tine. That reminded me of a paper I pub­lished 11 years ago as a Gart­ner ana­lyst enti­tled “Intel­li­gent Busi­ness Intel­li­gence: Are we there yet?” It exam­ined cur­rent (at the time) BI ven­dors and tech­nolo­gies, and eval­u­ated the effec­tive­ness of these BI tools to meet busi­ness require­ments. My con­clu­sion: not yet.

Fast for­ward to today, and clearly so many things have changed. Query and report­ing tech­nolo­gies are no longer ade­quate. The dig­i­tal lifestyle has spawned mas­sive amounts of data con­tin­u­ously being cre­ated. Data about every click, swipe, scan, visit, pur­chase or any other type of trans­ac­tion is cap­tured and stored some­where. This trans­lates to huge datasets that need to be ana­lyzed to gain busi­ness value about cus­tomer behavior.

And these datasets don’t stay sta­tic either, but are highly dynamic. Not only has the dig­i­tal era cre­ated large vol­umes of data, but it has also dra­mat­i­cally short­ened atten­tion spans. Con­tent is now viewed in shorter vignettes or webisodes, and infor­ma­tion is now shared in 140 char­ac­ter “sound­bytes”. Thus cus­tomer insight gained from ana­lyz­ing these datasets might be valu­able for only a very short win­dow of oppor­tu­nity before they become irrelevant.

Ana­lytic tech­nol­ogy of today must there­fore be able to quickly derive insight from very large and rapidly chang­ing datasets in order to sup­port crit­i­cal busi­ness deci­sions, while it still mat­ters. Omni­ture is announc­ing today avail­abil­ity of Omni­ture Insight, Omniture’s multi-channel ana­lyt­ics solu­tion, which does exactly that.

Omni­ture Insight syn­the­sizes data from any source, includ­ing busi­ness intel­li­gence tools, data ware­houses, web, call cen­ters and point-of-sale in retail, to rapidly cor­re­late online and offline data for a bet­ter under­stand­ing of cus­tomer behav­ior and pref­er­ences. Omni­ture Insight accom­plishes this with pow­er­ful data dis­cov­ery and visu­al­iza­tion tech­nol­ogy that allows cus­tomers to drill down to gran­u­lar lev­els of data and quickly iden­tify new busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties and key trends that might oth­er­wise be overlooked.

My sis­ter is arriv­ing this after­noon. So when the kids ask “Are we there yet?” my sis­ter can say “Yes, I can see your uncle’s house.“
And with “Intel­li­gent Busi­ness Intel­li­gence: Are we there yet?” I can say “Yes, I can see it now”.