New! You can now use Genesis to integrate many of Gigya’s Social Plugins with the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite.

The Genesis integration for Gigya

Okay, so what exactly does that mean? It means that you can analyze (and then potentially optimize) based on how visitors are interacting “socially” on your site.

Let’s look at one brief example – Gigya’s Share Bar.

Gigya Share Bar

You may have a bar like this embedded within your content or product pages in hopes that visitors will use it to share your content with their social circles — giving you some additional “earned” exposure and traffic. A “Gigya Share” occurs when a visitor uses the Gigya Share Bar to share your content.

Tracking these “shares” within SiteCatalyst can provide you with some very valuable reporting. For example, a media site might get the following report…

Gigya example report

The “Gigya Shares” metric is pulled in automatically through the Genesis integration. The resulting report provides great new insight into the value and untapped potential of these articles. By just looking at the top 5 here we can see that one of our most viewed articles “How to Upload Keyword…” doesn’t really get shared a high percentage of the time. In contrast, the “Tim Tebow…” article has a very high share rate despite the significantly fewer page views – telling us that it might be an “earned” media superstar waiting to happen IF it was given the right spotlight.

This is just one use case featuring one of the many new metrics available through the Genesis integration with Gigya. For information on this integration and Gigya’s social infrastructure technology, please log in and click over to the Genesis area of the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite.

Worth noting:  1) The “Shares per View” metrics is “Gigya Shares / Page Views” – which helps us see the rate of sharing by normalizing to Page Views. 2) These article names are real posts on this blog, but the numbers are completely fabricated.


–Sean  (@seangubler)

Sean is a Senior Part­ner Inte­gra­tion Man­ager focus­ing on inte­gra­tions with the Adobe Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Suite. This includes Adobe Gen­e­sis inte­gra­tions and cus­tom inte­gra­tions using Adobe’s Web Services.