Today was an excit­ing day in and around my cubi­cle. Site­Cat­a­lyst 15 has offi­cially been released.

Over the com­ing days and weeks, Site­Cat­a­lyst cus­tomers will work with their Account Man­agers to learn more about this, our most excit­ing and antic­i­pated release ever. As you may have seen at Sum­mit back in March, this ver­sion of Site­Cat­a­lyst includes a revamped plat­form which helps to make pos­si­ble a truly phe­nom­e­nal set of fea­tures. We are con­fi­dent that you’ll be able to do far more with your ana­lyt­ics data in Site­Cat­a­lyst 15 than you’ve ever been able to do before.

Hats off to the numer­ous teams, both at Adobe and else­where, who helped to make this hap­pen. (A rough esti­mate of the num­ber of man-hours that the Site­Cat­a­lyst team con­tributed was in the mul­ti­ple tens of thou­sands.) We pride our­selves on work­ing with you—our customers—to inno­vate, and you have cer­tainly inspired us. Hope­fully, many of you will see the imprint of your own ideas within the prod­uct. As you’ll notice, we imple­mented 30 sub­mis­sions from the Idea Exchange in this release alone.

15 for 15

With this release of Site­Cat­a­lyst 15, we’d like to intro­duce a series of blog posts that will be run­ning here over the com­ing weeks: 15 for 15. We will be doing 15 blog posts, each high­light­ing a fea­ture, a ben­e­fit, or a process improve­ment related to Site­Cat­a­lyst 15.

We’ll dis­cuss things like:

  • Real-time seg­men­ta­tion in Site­Cat­a­lyst 15
  • Suite-level seg­ment inte­gra­tion with Test&Target
  • The Site­Cat­a­lyst 15 upgrade process
  • Improve­ments to Mer­chan­dis­ing eVars

The goal is to help doc­u­ment some of the excit­ing new stuff that we think you’ll love, in a some­what con­ver­sa­tional way that you can eas­ily share with col­leagues. But we also want to go beyond the doc­u­men­ta­tion and share use cases, tips and tricks, and any­thing else that will help you get the most out of your Site­Cat­a­lyst 15 experience.

Of course, we will wel­come com­ments and ques­tions about any of this new func­tion­al­ity. I am also on Twit­ter (@benjamingaines), so feel free to hit me up there as well. Con­tribut­ing authors in this blog series will vary, but each post will be clearly labeled as a part of this “15 for 15″ program.

Please check back shortly, and/or add blogs​.omni​ture​.com to your RSS reader so you can get the inside scoop on Site­Cat­a­lyst 15 and why we’re so excited about it.

So get ready… “15 for 15″ is set to begin.