Today was an exciting day in and around my cubicle. SiteCatalyst 15 has officially been released.

Over the coming days and weeks, SiteCatalyst customers will work with their Account Managers to learn more about this, our most exciting and anticipated release ever. As you may have seen at Summit back in March, this version of SiteCatalyst includes a revamped platform which helps to make possible a truly phenomenal set of features. We are confident that you’ll be able to do far more with your analytics data in SiteCatalyst 15 than you’ve ever been able to do before.

Hats off to the numerous teams, both at Adobe and elsewhere, who helped to make this happen. (A rough estimate of the number of man-hours that the SiteCatalyst team contributed was in the multiple tens of thousands.) We pride ourselves on working with you—our customers—to innovate, and you have certainly inspired us. Hopefully, many of you will see the imprint of your own ideas within the product. As you’ll notice, we implemented 30 submissions from the Idea Exchange in this release alone.

15 for 15

With this release of SiteCatalyst 15, we’d like to introduce a series of blog posts that will be running here over the coming weeks: 15 for 15. We will be doing 15 blog posts, each highlighting a feature, a benefit, or a process improvement related to SiteCatalyst 15.

We’ll discuss things like:

  • Real-time segmentation in SiteCatalyst 15
  • Suite-level segment integration with Test&Target
  • The SiteCatalyst 15 upgrade process
  • Improvements to Merchandising eVars

The goal is to help document some of the exciting new stuff that we think you’ll love, in a somewhat conversational way that you can easily share with colleagues. But we also want to go beyond the documentation and share use cases, tips and tricks, and anything else that will help you get the most out of your SiteCatalyst 15 experience.

Of course, we will welcome comments and questions about any of this new functionality. I am also on Twitter (@benjamingaines), so feel free to hit me up there as well. Contributing authors in this blog series will vary, but each post will be clearly labeled as a part of this “15 for 15″ program.

Please check back shortly, and/or add to your RSS reader so you can get the inside scoop on SiteCatalyst 15 and why we’re so excited about it.

So get ready. . . “15 for 15″ is set to begin.