Is Your Mobile Marketing a One-Trick PonyYesterday, I was going through my CD collection (which I haven’t even glanced at in five years) and came across a couple albums that made me shake my head. You know the ones—one hit wonder albums picked up from a bargain bin ten years ago as the music industry began its long decline.

Seeing the outdated discs caused me to reflect on how the shift to digital left the music industry in the dust just like a band with only one good song. Now a new revolution is underway as users stampede to mobile channels; but many businesses are still performing the same old trick. In fact, some companies are doing nothing—I did a quick analysis of Alexa’s top 20 US websites and 30% don’t even have a discoverable mobile-optimized site.

Staying relevant

A single mobile channel or none at all won’t be enough to stay relevant as users evolve their usage of digital media and communication to encompass mobile devices. Is your business leveraging a variety of compelling mobile offerings appropriate to your users? If not, the chart below provides an overview of mobile channels you should consider including in your marketing mix.

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Evolving Mobile Channels

More than one trick
As you carefully consider expanding your mobile efforts, here are some points to ponder:

-Test multiple channels and then compare visitor acquisition and conversion success rates to identify the best mobile touch points. The “hottest” mobile channels aren’t necessarily the right ones for your business.

-Analyze usage data to determine whether a given mobile outlet should be utilized for visitor acquisition, visitor conversion, or both and then correctly position calls to action. For some business models, mobile websites or apps may be lousy at converting users into customers but may function great for acquiring new prospects or retaining customers.

-Identify gaps in your mobile marketing mix. Companies often pursue one or two mobile initiatives at the expense of more effective channels OR neglect either the visitor acquisition or visitor conversion portion of the marketing mix.

As always, I’d love to hear about what’s working for your business. What mobile channels are most effective? Are you using approaches not included in the chart above? Feel free to add a comment or send me an email.

John Nikhil
John Nikhil

Hi Ed, Very interesting articles. We at Netcore are betting big on mobile as a medium of marketing and have built products than can enable SMS marketing campaigns. In emerging countries the business dynamics are different and were exploring the business opportunity of building mobile middleware applications suited for corporates. You have to check our website and I would love the opportunity to discuss a possible business partnership. Thank you. -John

Integrati Marketing Consulting
Integrati Marketing Consulting

Hi Ed, Thank you for your insightful article and even better the 'preso' on SlideShare. I would have to say that with the majority of sites we develop are built with WordPress which has a mobile version 'built-in. It never ceases to amaze me how large corporates miss such an important channel as Mobile. Pretty interesting to think that the majority of WordPress sites are mobile browser ready! We will definitely be taking your article into our marketing practice, thank you! Cheers, Integrati Marketing Consultant. :)

Ed Hewett
Ed Hewett

I absolutely agree! Given the upside for providing mobile-optimized experiences as noted in the two blog posts linked at the bottom of this note, businesses that don't provide a mobile optimized version of their site are missing a big opportunity. Do Mobile-optimized Experiences Improve Engagement iPad Users Twice as Engaged on Desktop Websites