Rugs Direct, the nation’s leading source for area rugs, saw significant business results by leveraging Adobe solutions to solve business challenges.

Rugs Direct’s previous web analytics and search engine marketing solution provider wasn’t as robust as the company had expected, and didn’t allow them to gain the insights the company was looking for. “Simply put, we didn’t feel like we were getting value from our online analytics tools,” said Randy Kremer, president, Rugs Direct. Rugs Direct began the search for a new solution that would solve the following challenges:

• Provide insights that would help enhance user engagement
• Make the site easier to navigate
• Improve keyword search campaign results
• Provide managers with richly detailed analysis for better strategic decision making

Rugs Direct selected and implemented Adobe solutions to help manage several facets of the company’s SEM activities. Rugs Direct can now monitor and measure results for thousands of keywords in a single user interface. The company can also measure and analyze cost per acquisition and return on ad spend for each campaign and then use the solution’s automatic bid management features to adjust keywords for improved returns.

With the Adobe solutions, Rugs Direct increased year-over-year revenues by 48%, achieved a return on ad spend as high as 400%, and improved conversion rates by 50%. Check out the full customer success story here.

What online marketing technique would you implement today that would increase your company’s revenue significantly?