Rugs Direct, the nation’s lead­ing source for area rugs, saw sig­nif­i­cant busi­ness results by lever­ag­ing Adobe solu­tions to solve busi­ness challenges.

Rugs Direct’s pre­vi­ous web ana­lyt­ics and search engine mar­ket­ing solu­tion provider wasn’t as robust as the com­pany had expected, and didn’t allow them to gain the insights the com­pany was look­ing for. “Sim­ply put, we didn’t feel like we were get­ting value from our online ana­lyt­ics tools,” said Randy Kre­mer, pres­i­dent, Rugs Direct. Rugs Direct began the search for a new solu­tion that would solve the fol­low­ing challenges:

• Pro­vide insights that would help enhance user engage­ment
• Make the site eas­ier to nav­i­gate
• Improve key­word search cam­paign results
• Pro­vide man­agers with richly detailed analy­sis for bet­ter strate­gic deci­sion making

Rugs Direct selected and imple­mented Adobe solu­tions to help man­age sev­eral facets of the company’s SEM activ­i­ties. Rugs Direct can now mon­i­tor and mea­sure results for thou­sands of key­words in a sin­gle user inter­face. The com­pany can also mea­sure and ana­lyze cost per acqui­si­tion and return on ad spend for each cam­paign and then use the solution’s auto­matic bid man­age­ment fea­tures to adjust key­words for improved returns.

With the Adobe solu­tions, Rugs Direct increased year-over-year rev­enues by 48%, achieved a return on ad spend as high as 400%, and improved con­ver­sion rates by 50%. Check out the full cus­tomer suc­cess story here.

What online mar­ket­ing tech­nique would you imple­ment today that would increase your company’s rev­enue significantly?