Besides being the net­work that broad­cast the most-watched tele­vi­sion event in his­tory, FOX Sports also helped con­nect NFL foot­ball fans to the 2014 Super Bowl with the FOX Sports GO mobile app. It allows fans to stream video from all of the FOX Sports chan­nels, so they’ll always be a part of the big games.

Peo­ple are busy and sports events are best expe­ri­enced live and in the moment. FOX Sports GO is a sports fans’ best friend, pro­vid­ing live FOX Sports events on the best screen avail­able,” says Clark Pierce, senior vice pres­i­dent, Mobile and Advanced Plat­forms at FOX Sports. “Fans are becom­ing more and more com­fort­able watch­ing live events on the go. We can’t afford to let down our view­ers or our sponsors.”

With Adobe Ana­lyt­ics in Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud, FOX Sports was also able to con­nect adver­tis­ers with fans. Using real-time video ana­lyt­ics, FOX Sports accu­rately mea­sured con­cur­rent stream­ing use and ad impres­sions, help­ing spon­sors reach their busi­ness goals.

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