I had the oppor­tu­nity to attend the Adobe­MAX event in Los Ange­les eariler this month. I sat there soak­ing in the eye candy that Adobe’s prod­ucts can cre­ate think­ing, “yeah, but how would that look on my Black­berry?” Then, as if Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch read my mind, he showed Flash 10.1 run­ning on a mobile device — an iPhone no less, with no dither­ing or pix­i­la­tion. It drew an enthu­si­as­tic round of applause from the 4,000+ in the Nokia The­ater. It made me real­ize that clients still on HBX are miss­ing the boat by not lever­ag­ing our Mobile track­ing in Site­Cat­a­lyst V14.5.

As my fel­low blog­ger Ed Hewett pointed out in an August post, there is a gap between inter­est in mobile ana­lyt­ics and mobile Web usage. Or to put it as he did, “you don’t know what you don’t know” about your mobile traf­fic if you don’t have best-in-class tools to track the activ­ity. The fact that mobile has arrived is hardly earth-shattering news, but recently, a client who’s still on HBX asked me about the ben­e­fits of mov­ing to Site­Cat­a­lyst. A sig­nif­i­cant por­tion of this client’s busi­ness revolves around hand­held devices, so this was like shoot­ing fish in a bar­rel. Let’s review what you’ll get on the mobile front when you migrate from HBX to SiteCatalyst.

First off, devel­op­ment on the HBX plat­form essen­tially ceased in 2007 as Omni­ture devoted its devel­op­ment efforts to Site­Cat­a­lyst. Matt Belkin, the for­mer head of Omni­ture Con­sult­ing, started a new group focused on Emerg­ing Tech­nol­ogy, with a mani­a­cal focus on mobile. Site­Cat­a­lyst cus­tomers are now enjoy­ing the first fruits of their labor unprece­dented insight into mobile vis­its. Take a look at the dif­fer­ence in the out-of-the-box mobile report­ing the two tools offer:

For starters, HBX doesn’t even know what an iPhone is. That’s how anti­quated its mobile track­ing is. Site­Cat­a­lyst not only rec­og­nizes the iPhone but can also report on screen size, video sup­port, DRM and even Dec­o­ra­tion Mail sup­port. What the heck is that? It’s a ser­vice, mostly being used in Japan, which allows users to “dec­o­rate” (cus­tomize) their mobile emails by cus­tomiz­ing the back­ground, font and even attach­ing things like ani­ma­tions. Who cares? OK, per­haps you don’t but in Asia, many mar­keters are inter­ested in Deco­Mail. It’s an exam­ple of us pre­sag­ing a need for the US mar­ket, while cre­at­ing a timely solu­tion for our many Asian customers.

Omni­ture will not be a fol­lower in mobile ana­lyt­ics. In fact, those who attended this year’s Sum­mit in Salt Lake City heard Josh James, pro­claim (and I’m para­phras­ing here) ‘the per­sonal com­puter, as a medium, is dead.’ While even Josh would admit that pre­dic­tion is a bit ahead of its time, there is no deny­ing some of the busi­ness use cases for advanced mobile track­ing. Just a few include:

  • Deter­mine the true size of your mobile audience
  • Use mobile cam­paigns for timely pro­mo­tions such as one-hour sales
  • Opt-in cus­tomers to receive text mes­sages as an alter­na­tive to more costly and inef­fi­cient con­tact methods
  • Ana­lyze traf­fic and mobile device capa­bil­i­ties to tai­lor the user expe­ri­ence when launch­ing or redesign­ing a mobile site
  • Gauge affini­ties com­mon to users of a par­tic­u­lar device, ser­vice or app to opti­mize their mobile expe­ri­ence and rec­om­mend rel­e­vant con­tent or product
  • See causal­ity of mobile vis­its in terms of suc­cess event com­ple­tion as shown below in a Site­Cat­a­lyst report:

Any­one who’s worked in User Expe­ri­ence knows about the “Rule of 1.” It states that if more than 1% of your site audi­ence is unable or in any way hin­dered from view­ing your site, you need to make adjust­ments for them. For most sites, the mobile traf­fic is at or above 1%. I have seen some sites where it’s in excess of 10% and a hand­ful where is more than 35%. So if you’re still using HBX, you’re miss­ing an impor­tant oppor­tu­nity to hone your mobile approach while there is still time. Rich apps like Flash work on mobile devices. Peo­ple are down­load­ing entire TV shows or movies and view­ing them on their hand­helds. In Japan, folks are using QR bar­codes as “mobile coupons” instead of paper coupons.

Mobile is here — it has been. It’s every­where. Is your orga­ni­za­tion tak­ing advan­tage of it? If not, call your Omni­ture Account Man­ager and ask them to show you what Site­Cat­a­lyst can do to help improve your mobile efforts.