Update: As of Site­Cat­a­lyst v15.2 Device Type is avail­able by default.  You will no longer need this solu­tion for that report.  You can still use the data avail­able for other cus­tom solutions.

It is not often that I get very excited about a new solu­tion, mainly because most of the advanced solu­tions we cre­ate only affect a small num­ber of clients.  How­ever, every once in a while we develop a new solu­tion that every com­pany can gain value from.

Advanced Mobile Traf­fic Analysis

The Advanced Mobile Traf­fic Analy­sis solu­tion sets traf­fic vari­ables (props) and/or con­ver­sion vari­ables (evars) with mobile device infor­ma­tion.  For exam­ple, with this solu­tion we can set the device type (Phone, Tablet or e-Reader) into an evar and prop which will allow you to break device type down by other vari­ables in your reporting.

Mobile Device Type

Above report is an exam­ple report of Mobile Device Type

Data points available

There are a huge num­ber of data points we have avail­able in the solu­tion.  Here is a list of a few that are most use­ful:
·         Is it a Tablet, E-Reader, Mobile Phone or Gam­ing Con­sole
·         Device Model
·         Device Ven­dor
·         Dis­play width / height
·         OS
·         It is a touch screen
·         Cookie Support

What you can do with this information

There are almost an unlim­ited num­ber of com­bi­na­tions reports that you can cre­ate with these addi­tional data points.  Here are a cou­ple of exam­ples:
Page bro­ken down by device type:
Pages By Device
Time on site by device type:
Mobile Time Spent

Next Steps:

If you are inter­ested in learn­ing more about this solu­tion or inter­ested in get­ting started in the pur­chase process then you can con­tact your account man­ager or use the solu­tions por­tal to request more infor­ma­tion.  After you request more infor­ma­tion we will con­tact you in a few days.

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