At the mobile event of the year, Omni­ture and Adobe announced sev­eral advance­ments in mobile pub­lish­ing and con­tent opti­miza­tion includ­ing mea­sure­ment and ana­lyt­ics for mobile video, test­ing & tar­get­ing capa­bil­i­ties for mobile appli­ca­tions, and beta for Flash Player 10.1 (gen­eral avail­abil­ity expected in the first half of 2010). These announce­ments mark sig­nif­i­cant progress toward rich, mea­sur­able mobile experiences.

The press releases may be found here:
Omni­ture Announces Mobile Video Mea­sure­ment Capa­bil­ity
Omni­ture Extends Real-Time Per­son­al­iza­tion and Opti­miza­tion to iPhone Appli­ca­tions
Adobe Unveils AIR on Mobile Devices; Read­ies Flash Player 10.1 for Launch

Here’s a peek at a ESPN flash video run­ning on a mobile device:
espn flash 10.1

Omni­ture Sum­mit 2010:
If you’re attend­ing Omni­ture Sum­mit 2010, be sure to come to the ses­sion I’ll be doing on mobile apps. I’ll be cov­er­ing the announce­ments above, Dan Mason from ESPN Mobile will be shar­ing prac­ti­cal advice on opti­miz­ing mobile appli­ca­tions, and we’ll be pro­vid­ing a ton of resources for mea­sur­ing, ana­lyz­ing and opti­miz­ing mobile app expe­ri­ences to drive value for your busi­ness. The ses­sion is part of the ana­lyt­ics track and starts tomor­row at 1:30 p.m. (3÷3÷2010).


I am sure that the coming together of Omniture and Abode must have been welcomed by the people who use their mobiles to take videos as this is going to give them so many advancements in mobile publishing and content optimization which are really going to make things really cool for them!! The Omniture Summit 2010 also seemed to have been an event that would not have been missed by many for the kind of information they stood to gain on mobile applications!!