But Green Mon­day is not expected to be as green this year as hoped.

Don’t get me wrong, online sales this com­ing Mon­day, Decem­ber 10, will be up 7% over the same day last year. 7% YoY sales growth is impres­sive but low com­pared to the 18%, and 17% YoY sales growth we saw on Black Fri­day, and Cyber Mon­day. It’s also lower than the 12% YoY sales growth expected on Free Ship­ping Day (Decem­ber 17) and lower than the 14% YoY sales growth Green Mon­day saw last year.

Why the slow down? Green Mon­day is tra­di­tion­ally the biggest online shop­ping day in Decem­ber, but there really is no magic about the sec­ond Mon­day of Decem­ber or the Mon­day 10+ days before Christ­mas (how­ever you want to define it). Green Mon­day is big because 1) it’s a Mon­day, and 2) it’s nor­mally the last Mon­day you can shop online and still expect your presents to arrive before Christ­mas. In 2012, how­ever, it won’t be. This year that honor belongs to Free Ship­ping day which will be Mon­day the 17th. The les­son here is sim­ple, pro­mo­tional shop­ping days, like Green Mon­day, are most effec­tive when they amplify nat­ural shop­ping ten­den­cies.

Regard­ing nat­ural shop­ping ten­den­cies, retail­ers should all know that peo­ple are most likely to shop online on Mon­day. Online sales grad­u­ally decline Tues­day through Fri­day and Sat­ur­day sees the low­est online sales (no sur­prise). Sun­day, which in year’s past was very sim­i­lar to Sat­ur­day, is start­ing to see more online shop­ping as con­sumers use tablets to shop from home.

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