But Green Monday is not expected to be as green this year as hoped.

Don’t get me wrong, online sales this coming Monday, December 10, will be up 7% over the same day last year. 7% YoY sales growth is impressive but low compared to the 18%, and 17% YoY sales growth we saw on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. It’s also lower than the 12% YoY sales growth expected on Free Shipping Day (December 17) and lower than the 14% YoY sales growth Green Monday saw last year.

Why the slow down? Green Monday is traditionally the biggest online shopping day in December, but there really is no magic about the second Monday of December or the Monday 10+ days before Christmas (however you want to define it). Green Monday is big because 1) it’s a Monday, and 2) it’s normally the last Monday you can shop online and still expect your presents to arrive before Christmas. In 2012, however, it won’t be. This year that honor belongs to Free Shipping day which will be Monday the 17th. The lesson here is simple, promotional shopping days, like Green Monday, are most effective when they amplify natural shopping tendencies.

Regarding natural shopping tendencies, retailers should all know that people are most likely to shop online on Monday. Online sales gradually decline Tuesday through Friday and Saturday sees the lowest online sales (no surprise). Sunday, which in year’s past was very similar to Saturday, is starting to see more online shopping as consumers use tablets to shop from home.

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