Back in March Omni­ture announced our $25K Part­ner Devel­oper Chal­lenge. The chal­lenge offered first and sec­ond place prizes of $15K and $10K respec­tively, plus the oppor­tu­nity to pro­mote the win­ning appli­ca­tions to Omni­ture cus­tomers. Final­ists were selected recently and I’m excited to announce that we had three win­ners, one for first prize, and tie for sec­ond prize. Final­ists were cho­sen based on three core cri­te­ria which we call the “three C’s”: Com­mer­cial value — are our cus­tomers or other devel­op­ers likely to see value in the appli­ca­tion?; Cre­ativ­ity — is this some­thing inter­est­ing and new, or is it a rehash­ing of an old idea?  Con­sum­a­bil­ity — is it well-documented?  Is it well-understood what the appli­ca­tion is and what it does?  After eval­u­at­ing sub­mis­sions based on these cri­te­ria, our plat­form prod­uct lead­er­ship team selected three winners:

First Place — Tech­nol­ogy Lead­ers, “Dynamic Alerts“
Tech­nol­ogy Lead­ers, a web ana­lyt­ics con­sul­tancy, cre­ated “Dynamic Alerts”, an appli­ca­tion that mon­i­tors Site­Cat­a­lyst report suites and emails ana­lysts when any mea­sure­ments stray from their his­tor­i­cal norms. The inter­est­ing thing about this appli­ca­tion is that it doesn’t require man­ual set­ting of alerts, rather it uses an algo­rith­mic approach to auto­mat­i­cally cal­cu­late sta­tis­ti­cal norms for all met­rics in Site­Cat­a­lyst and only alerts ana­lysts when a met­ric falls out­side of those norms. It’s a step towards a ‘vir­tual ana­lyst’ and can be invalu­able to ana­lysts track­ing very large vol­umes of met­rics across mul­ti­ple report suites.

Tie Sec­ond Place — Bell Canada, “Multi-Graphs“
Bell Canada’s Multi-Graphs” app empow­ers ana­lysts to quickly gen­er­ate multi-line reports and/or spot pat­terns which involve more than one dimen­sion and/or met­rics from dif­fer­ent Site­Cat­a­lyst report suites. As an imple­men­ta­tion part­ner, Bell Canada man­ages a large num­ber reports across mul­ti­ple reports suites. They needed a way to quickly gen­er­ate at-a-glance views of key met­rics across those reports suites. Because of the multi-report suite nature of the appli­ca­tion, Bell Canada had to uti­lize both the Site­Cat­a­lyst Report­ing and Admin­is­tra­tive APIs to cre­ate a merged view of data.

Tie Sec­ond Place– Earth­bound Media Group, “Blog Mon­i­tor­ing and Brand Track­ing“
Using the Tech­no­rati and Twit­ter APIs, Earth­bound Media’s Blog Mon­i­tor­ing and Brand Track­ing” app queries hun­dreds of mil­lions of tagged user gen­er­ated con­tent pages to mea­sure brand men­tions and define the num­ber of links gen­er­ated to a web­site. The app gives ana­lysts the abil­ity to eas­ily track brand men­tions or related key­words across the blo­gos­phere and micro-blogosphere. It parses the data returned from the Tech­no­rati and Twit­ter APISs and inserts it into Site­Cat­a­lyst, pro­vid­ing a com­plete view of brand men­tion activity.

Con­grat­u­la­tions to Tech­nol­ogy Lead­ers and our two runner-up final­ists for their inno­v­a­tive appli­ca­tions. These apps offer a glimpse into the future of dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing, a future which will depend on the abil­ity to mea­sure, opti­mize, and auto­mate across a broad set of chan­nels in a near seam­less fash­ion. To see more dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing inno­va­tions from the Omni­ture Devel­oper Com­mu­nity, visit our code gallery at devel​oper​.omni​ture​.com/​c​o​d​e​g​a​l​l​ery.

Jeff Minich
Jeff Minich

Hey Kevin, the apps are currently available in our Code Gallery at Our developer community is using the Code Gallery to publish code and/or information about commercial apps that they are selling directly to customers.

Kevin Gavine
Kevin Gavine

Hi Jeff, Valuable post. As a client I do see value in all three apps. When could we expect to see any of these apps available? What are Omniture's plans to handle third party plug-ins in the future? Thanks, Kevin