Back in March Omniture announced our $25K Partner Developer Challenge. The challenge offered first and second place prizes of $15K and $10K respectively, plus the opportunity to promote the winning applications to Omniture customers. Finalists were selected recently and I’m excited to announce that we had three winners, one for first prize, and tie for second prize. Finalists were chosen based on three core criteria which we call the “three C’s”: Commercial value – are our customers or other developers likely to see value in the application?; Creativity – is this something interesting and new, or is it a rehashing of an old idea?  Consumability – is it well-documented?  Is it well-understood what the application is and what it does?  After evaluating submissions based on these criteria, our platform product leadership team selected three winners:

First Place – Technology Leaders, “Dynamic Alerts”
Technology Leaders, a web analytics consultancy, created “Dynamic Alerts“, an application that monitors SiteCatalyst report suites and emails analysts when any measurements stray from their historical norms. The interesting thing about this application is that it doesn’t require manual setting of alerts, rather it uses an algorithmic approach to automatically calculate statistical norms for all metrics in SiteCatalyst and only alerts analysts when a metric falls outside of those norms. It’s a step towards a ‘virtual analyst’ and can be invaluable to analysts tracking very large volumes of metrics across multiple report suites.

Tie Second Place – Bell Canada, “Multi-Graphs”
Bell Canada’s Multi-Graphs” app empowers analysts to quickly generate multi-line reports and/or spot patterns which involve more than one dimension and/or metrics from different SiteCatalyst report suites. As an implementation partner, Bell Canada manages a large number reports across multiple reports suites. They needed a way to quickly generate at-a-glance views of key metrics across those reports suites. Because of the multi-report suite nature of the application, Bell Canada had to utilize both the SiteCatalyst Reporting and Administrative APIs to create a merged view of data.

Tie Second Place- Earthbound Media Group, “Blog Monitoring and Brand Tracking”
Using the Technorati and Twitter APIs, Earthbound Media’s Blog Monitoring and Brand Tracking” app queries hundreds of millions of tagged user generated content pages to measure brand mentions and define the number of links generated to a website. The app gives analysts the ability to easily track brand mentions or related keywords across the blogosphere and micro-blogosphere. It parses the data returned from the Technorati and Twitter APISs and inserts it into SiteCatalyst, providing a complete view of brand mention activity.

Congratulations to Technology Leaders and our two runner-up finalists for their innovative applications. These apps offer a glimpse into the future of digital marketing, a future which will depend on the ability to measure, optimize, and automate across a broad set of channels in a near seamless fashion. To see more digital marketing innovations from the Omniture Developer Community, visit our code gallery at

Jeff Minich
Jeff Minich

Hey Kevin, the apps are currently available in our Code Gallery at Our developer community is using the Code Gallery to publish code and/or information about commercial apps that they are selling directly to customers.

Kevin Gavine
Kevin Gavine

Hi Jeff, Valuable post. As a client I do see value in all three apps. When could we expect to see any of these apps available? What are Omniture's plans to handle third party plug-ins in the future? Thanks, Kevin