Charming Shoppes is using the Adobe Online Marketing Suite to collect, analyze, and aggregate customer data to optimize online content and functionality for better customer retention, higher conversion rates, and increased revenues.

The company developed a universal shopping cart, integrated originally across three individual stores, a mobile site, and an outlet site, which features clearance and closeout items from each store–and now covers two additional storefronts.

“The Adobe solutions allow us to leverage the cross-over traffic to increases conversions and average order values (AOV) for the multi-branded shopper–at not incremental cost–and save us significant marketing expenses,” said Mark Sorkin, director of online marketing and analytics at Charming Shoppes.

With the Adobe solutions, Charming Shoppes has provided purchase recommendations for 95% of online products, achieved a 7% lift in conversions and 9% lift in revenues via content testing, and leveraged existing cross-over traffic to deliver significant incremental revenue.

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