If you have read either of Bill Ingrams recent blogs over the last few days, you’ll know that we won The For­rester Wave: Web Ana­lyt­ics Q2, 2014 report and that we’re pretty happy about it. Adobe led the way with the report’s high­est scores in all three major cat­e­gories: cur­rent offer­ing, strat­egy. and mar­ket pres­ence. And of the 75 detailed data points For­rester eval­u­ated, Adobe received per­fect scores in 66.

We were given a top score for our prod­uct road map, and I wanted to share a few thoughts about where Adobe Ana­lyt­ics is headed gen­er­ally in the future. Over the last few months, I’ve talked a lot about the strat­egy for Adobe Ana­lyt­ics, the impor­tance of incor­po­rat­ing infor­ma­tion about all inter­ac­tions with your cus­tomer, and the need to make that infor­ma­tion avail­able to the front-line indi­vid­u­als in your com­pany who are mak­ing daily deci­sions that affect your brand. For­rester thought, like we do, that those things are going to be deci­sive in the com­pe­ti­tion to pro­vide the next gen­er­a­tion of ana­lyt­ics to our cus­tomers. There are three main vec­tors of inno­va­tion we’re pro­gress­ing to make this strat­egy successful.

Smarter Analy­sis

We con­tinue to invest in machine learn­ing and pre­dic­tive capa­bil­i­ties in order to allow the ana­lyst and busi­ness user get the most lever­age pos­si­ble out of Adobe Ana­lyt­ics. By bring­ing these capa­bil­i­ties to mar­ket, we dra­mat­i­cally accel­er­ate what the ana­lyst or mar­keter is try­ing to accom­plish daily. This results in much quicker deci­sions and a bet­ter expe­ri­ence for our cus­tomers’ cus­tomers. You’ve seen these capa­bil­i­ties sur­face already in anom­aly detec­tion, clus­ter­ing algo­rithms, and deci­sion trees, which we announced at our Sum­mit EMEA this week. These are just the begin­ning; we’ve got a long line of new machine learn­ing capa­bil­i­ties in the labs that we’ll be releas­ing in the com­ing months and years.

Bet­ter Data

We have been pro­vid­ing 360 degree views of the cus­tomer to the dig­i­tal mar­keter and ana­lyst for a while now. We’re expand­ing access to those data sets into all of our ana­lyt­ics offer­ings, mak­ing a com­pre­hen­sive under­stand­ing of all of your cus­tomer inter­ac­tion data even more acces­si­ble than it is today.

Sim­pler Experiences

We have brought focused and pow­er­ful ana­lyt­ics prod­ucts to our cus­tomers over the years. We now have an oppor­tu­nity to unify the expe­ri­ence of using those work­flows, with­out hav­ing to move between prod­ucts in order to get that value. You’ll see fewer dif­fer­ences in the expe­ri­ence between report­ing and ana­lyt­ics, ad hoc ana­lyt­ics, and data work­bench in com­ing releases. This will allow our 140,000+ global users to advance their ana­lyt­ics capa­bil­i­ties along a matu­rity curve even more quickly than they can today.

Mov­ing Forward

As Adobe Ana­lyt­ics has grown, it’s become clear to us that cus­tomer insights will be sur­faced in two dif­fer­ent ways: an expe­ri­ence for the ana­lyst and expe­ri­ences for non­an­a­lyst busi­ness users to “hit them in stride” in their day-to-day work. We’ve done this through­out the Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud already, and our cus­tomers com­monly use our open inter­faces in order to sur­face our ana­lyt­ics in other work­flows in ways that con­stantly sur­prise and impress us. By doing both, we’re mak­ing “mea­sure every­thing” an Adobe brand promise, and while there’s work to do, we think we’re lead­ing the way.

It’s an excit­ing time to be at Adobe. In 2013, Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud became a $1 bil­lion busi­ness. Adobe’s unique approach of serv­ing the mar­keter with great cre­ative solu­tions that are backed by the sci­ence and mea­sure­ment in the Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud (which includes the indus­try lead­ing Adobe Ana­lyt­ics solu­tion) is prov­ing to be a force for the CMO today and in the future.