If you have read either of Bill Ingrams recent blogs over the last few days, you’ll know that we won The Forrester Wave: Web Analytics Q2, 2014 report and that we’re pretty happy about it. Adobe led the way with the report’s highest scores in all three major categories: current offering, strategy. and market presence. And of the 75 detailed data points Forrester evaluated, Adobe received perfect scores in 66.

We were given a top score for our product road map, and I wanted to share a few thoughts about where Adobe Analytics is headed generally in the future. Over the last few months, I’ve talked a lot about the strategy for Adobe Analytics, the importance of incorporating information about all interactions with your customer, and the need to make that information available to the front-line individuals in your company who are making daily decisions that affect your brand. Forrester thought, like we do, that those things are going to be decisive in the competition to provide the next generation of analytics to our customers. There are three main vectors of innovation we’re progressing to make this strategy successful.

Smarter Analysis

We continue to invest in machine learning and predictive capabilities in order to allow the analyst and business user get the most leverage possible out of Adobe Analytics. By bringing these capabilities to market, we dramatically accelerate what the analyst or marketer is trying to accomplish daily. This results in much quicker decisions and a better experience for our customers’ customers. You’ve seen these capabilities surface already in anomaly detection, clustering algorithms, and decision trees, which we announced at our Summit EMEA this week. These are just the beginning; we’ve got a long line of new machine learning capabilities in the labs that we’ll be releasing in the coming months and years.

Better Data

We have been providing 360 degree views of the customer to the digital marketer and analyst for a while now. We’re expanding access to those data sets into all of our analytics offerings, making a comprehensive understanding of all of your customer interaction data even more accessible than it is today.

Simpler Experiences

We have brought focused and powerful analytics products to our customers over the years. We now have an opportunity to unify the experience of using those workflows, without having to move between products in order to get that value. You’ll see fewer differences in the experience between reporting and analytics, ad hoc analytics, and data workbench in coming releases. This will allow our 140,000+ global users to advance their analytics capabilities along a maturity curve even more quickly than they can today.

Moving Forward

As Adobe Analytics has grown, it’s become clear to us that customer insights will be surfaced in two different ways: an experience for the analyst and experiences for nonanalyst business users to “hit them in stride” in their day-to-day work. We’ve done this throughout the Adobe Marketing Cloud already, and our customers commonly use our open interfaces in order to surface our analytics in other workflows in ways that constantly surprise and impress us. By doing both, we’re making “measure everything” an Adobe brand promise, and while there’s work to do, we think we’re leading the way.

It’s an exciting time to be at Adobe. In 2013, Adobe Marketing Cloud became a $1 billion business. Adobe’s unique approach of serving the marketer with great creative solutions that are backed by the science and measurement in the Adobe Marketing Cloud (which includes the industry leading Adobe Analytics solution) is proving to be a force for the CMO today and in the future.