You asked, we lis­tened, we built, and we shipped! Mar­keters have been ask­ing for a way to pre­dict the best audi­ences for their mar­ket­ing efforts for as long as I can remem­ber. “If only we knew likely out­comes before hand, we could make more informed deci­sions about where our mar­ket­ing dol­lars will be the most effec­tive”. Flash bulb goes off, smoke cloud rises and propen­sity scor­ing enters stage left.

Thurs­day night Adobe Ana­lyt­ics answered that request. Within Data Work­bench, mar­keters now have a way to pre­dict out­comes for mar­ket­ing events. With our newest mem­ber of the Pre­dic­tive Ana­lyt­ics all star team of fea­tures, Propen­sity Scor­ing takes cen­ter stage this week flanked by its pre­de­ces­sors Clus­ter­ing and Correlation.



What is Propen­sity Scor­ing and what does it do? Well let me tell you so we are crys­tal clear. Propen­sity Scor­ing will not make you a ham sand­wich, it will not get you out of speed­ing tick­ets and it can­not solve your legacy snooze but­ton related addic­tion. What propen­sity scor­ing will do is give you the abil­ity to iden­tify high-value audi­ences which have the high­est like­li­hood of spe­cific actions such as con­ver­sion, email opens and responses, con­vert in store after an online ses­sion or even those who are most likely to pick up the phone and ring you up. Check out the release notes!


Mar­keters now have a way to iden­tify the best can­di­dates for their efforts and make more informed mar­ket­ing pur­chase deci­sions. What would you do if you could pre­dict between two email cam­paign pro­pos­als the one which was likely to have the high­est response and con­ver­sion rate? The impli­ca­tions are broad and go across chan­nels of data to be lever­aged wher­ever your cus­tomers are engag­ing with you brand. This is huge, this is the way for­ward and over the last 3 months we have come out and said with our soft­ware “We will deliver the very best solu­tions to help you max­i­mize the effec­tive­ness of your mar­ket­ing efforts”. 2013 is the year of Data Work­bench and for Adobe that means we are squarely focused on build­ing the best and putting those tools in your hands.