The largest electronic marketplace in Japan helps its shops market themselves more effectively through sophisticated data analysis and website testing. hosts more than 40,000 merchants selling approximately 100 million products through its site, which gets 3 billion page views daily.

Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target solutions in Adobe Marketing Cloud help Rakuten analysts be self-sufficient, so they can react quickly to market changes and adopt strategies to meet their specific goals. Adobe Marketing Cloud also provides a centralized system for leveraging strategies that can work across all Rakuten businesses.

“Our eCommerce consultants give advice every day so that our merchants can express their passion for their products in a way that helps drive the success of their businesses,” says Koji Suzuki, web analytics group manager at Rakuten, Inc. “That’s becoming the key differentiator of Rakuten, making us the top Internet company in Japan.”

For example, Rakuten used Adobe Analytics to study site traffic and Adobe Target to evaluate different messages for a merchant selling foie gras. Based on analysis and testing, the merchant made changes to its site that lifted conversion from 1.97% to 5.1%.

“With 81 million members in Japan and annual sales of 4 trillion yen, even a 5% increase in conversions overall can quickly add up to tens of millions of dollars,” Suzuki says. Check out the complete Rakuten success story at the following link: