The largest elec­tronic mar­ket­place in Japan helps its shops mar­ket them­selves more effec­tively through sophis­ti­cated data analy­sis and web­site test­ing. Rakuten​.com hosts more than 40,000 mer­chants sell­ing approx­i­mately 100 mil­lion prod­ucts through its site, which gets 3 bil­lion page views daily.

Adobe Ana­lyt­ics and Adobe Tar­get solu­tions in Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud help Rakuten ana­lysts be self-sufficient, so they can react quickly to mar­ket changes and adopt strate­gies to meet their spe­cific goals. Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud also pro­vides a cen­tral­ized sys­tem for lever­ag­ing strate­gies that can work across all Rakuten businesses.

Our eCom­merce con­sul­tants give advice every day so that our mer­chants can express their pas­sion for their prod­ucts in a way that helps drive the suc­cess of their busi­nesses,” says Koji Suzuki, web ana­lyt­ics group man­ager at Rakuten, Inc. “That’s becom­ing the key dif­fer­en­tia­tor of Rakuten, mak­ing us the top Inter­net com­pany in Japan.”

For exam­ple, Rakuten used Adobe Ana­lyt­ics to study site traf­fic and Adobe Tar­get to eval­u­ate dif­fer­ent mes­sages for a mer­chant sell­ing foie gras. Based on analy­sis and test­ing, the mer­chant made changes to its site that lifted con­ver­sion from 1.97% to 5.1%.

With 81 mil­lion mem­bers in Japan and annual sales of 4 tril­lion yen, even a 5% increase in con­ver­sions over­all can quickly add up to tens of mil­lions of dol­lars,” Suzuki says. Check out the com­plete Rakuten suc­cess story at the fol­low­ing link: http://​adobe​.ly/​1​3​3​4​OHB