How can busi­nesses lever­age the mobile expe­ri­ence to drive con­ver­sions and engage­ment? That’s the million-dollar ques­tion, espe­cially with the explo­sion in mobile dur­ing the last few years. And there’s a com­pelling busi­ness case to be made for right-time mobile campaigns.

At Adobe, we’ve seen that cus­tomers are 2–3 times more likely to act if they’re pre­sented with the right mobile expe­ri­ence, opti­mized for the right device, at just the right time. That’s really the idea behind right-time mar­ket­ing, deliv­er­ing the most attrac­tive con­tent to cus­tomers when they want it.

Opti­miz­ing for Devices

Is there any­thing more unap­peal­ing than a desk­top expe­ri­ence pre­sented on a smart­phone screen? The same could be said about tablet pages shrunk to fit an iPhone or vice versa. Sim­ply put, skip­ping opti­miza­tion will derail your mobile strat­egy. There are a few spe­cific ways ana­lyt­ics helps with optimization.

First, you can quickly gauge what types of devices your cus­tomers are using, whether its smart­phones or tablets, Android devices or iPhones. This helps pri­or­i­tize how you’ll deliver content—from apps and mobile Web expe­ri­ences to SMS and location-based responses—and under­stand what mobile strate­gies make the most sense for your company.

With ana­lyt­ics, you can also iden­tify the break­downs in con­ver­sions. Are cus­tomers not tap­ping or swip­ing through to the cart? Is there a par­tic­u­larly high bounce rate on a cer­tain page? When you can see how a page or app screen is under­per­form­ing, you’re in a much bet­ter posi­tion to adapt an expe­ri­ence to fit cus­tomer needs.

What About Personalization?

Ray Pun, Adobe’s strate­gic mar­ket­ing lead for mobile solu­tions, laid out the idea of per­son­al­iza­tion nicely in a recent blog post. His point was that your company’s per­son­al­iza­tion strat­egy should first con­sider “mobile unique ele­ments,” like device and con­nec­tion type, loca­tion, and oper­at­ing sys­tem, and then incor­po­rate cus­tomer pro­file infor­ma­tion, includ­ing pref­er­ences, usage behav­ior, and social media connections.

With that in mind, ana­lyt­ics is a key to the idea of personalization.

Here’s a per­sonal exam­ple: I use the Home Depot app when shop­ping for sup­plies for home repairs, and it’s a per­fect exam­ple of effec­tive mobile opti­miza­tion and per­son­al­iza­tion. The app is location-specific, allow­ing me to set my favorite store, and it pro­vides opti­mized in-store and at-home con­tent. I used the app recently to pur­chase build­ing sup­plies, which I then picked up at the store’s cus­tomer ser­vice desk after being noti­fied by text mes­sage. It was a quick, effi­cient, and com­pletely per­son­al­ized expe­ri­ence, and not to men­tion, my wife was happy I didn’t pick up any extra add-ons at the store.

Within Home Depot’s app, opti­miza­tion and per­son­al­iza­tion are in play in a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent ways.

For one, I receive real-time rec­om­men­da­tions when shop­ping online, and I am offered location-specific deals through a local ads tab. The app also con­nects me to tai­lored con­tent like store lay­out maps—even with the aisle I might find a product—contact infor­ma­tion, and cus­tomiz­able shop­ping lists and orders tabs.

It’s the exact oppo­site of a one-size-fits-all mobile experience.

When’s the Right Time?

Once you’ve col­lected this cus­tomer data, there’s still one more step to suc­cess­ful right-time mar­ket­ing: pro­vid­ing a tai­lored expe­ri­ence at the ideal time. But when is that exactly?

Of course, it’s dif­fer­ent for every cus­tomer, but here’s another exam­ple from the Home Depot app. When shop­ping in-app, Home Depot pro­vided me with per­son­al­ized prod­uct rec­om­men­da­tions and deals, and the plat­form is opti­mized for quick search, shar­ing, and sav­ing prod­ucts for review later.

By uti­liz­ing opti­miza­tion and per­son­al­iza­tion, Home Depot can offer me the right deals at the right time—i.e., when I’m shop­ping in-app. This level of per­son­al­iza­tion is only pos­si­ble with a pow­er­ful ana­lyt­ics solu­tion that col­lects the right data and lets you visu­al­ize how that data is con­nected to engage­ment and cus­tomer action.

Where We’re Headed

Mobile ana­lyt­ics is still emerg­ing. Yet we’re already see­ing how right-time mar­ket­ing presents a con­vinc­ing ROI for businesses.

It makes sense now to embrace these best prac­tices to increase engage­ment and con­ver­sion rates because per­son­al­iza­tion and new tools will no doubt con­tinue to allow mar­keters to con­nect in inno­v­a­tive ways.

If you haven’t fully tapped into your mobile poten­tial, you’ll just be play­ing catch-up. Bot­tom line: There’s no bet­ter time to jump­start your business’s right-time mobile strat­egy than now.