How would you like to win a free pass to this year’s Adobe Summit (March 24-28) in Salt Lake City? How about competing for cool prizes and bragging rights as the very first Analytics Idol? If you’re familiar with the popular advanced analytics session I’ve run the past three years, we’re going to try an “American Idol” approach to identify this year’s panelists.

In the past, we reached out to industry experts and seasoned practitioners that we knew to join this panel session. I’m confident we have plenty of talented analysts doing amazing things with our tools that we don’t even know about. Now you have an opportunity to step up to the microphone and share some of the cool things you’re doing with our analytics tools.

All you need to do is submit a short description of your two best tips through the link to the online form below. If you’re debating whether your ideas would be impressive enough, please submit them as you may underestimate how valuable they would be to others (they don’t have to be complicated to be good). All submissions need to be received by Friday, February 14th.

Go to Analytics Idol Submission Form

Session Background

Since 2011, I’ve had the opportunity to lead one of the most popular breakout sessions at our Adobe Summit (both in SLC and UK). The session has had various names over the years—analytics all-stars, analytics action heroes, and analytics rockstars—but the formula for the session has been the same: we get a panel of smart, seasoned practitioners to share their analytics tips or tricks in a rapid-fire manner.

When we originally introduced the session, the panel members decided they wanted to pack in as many tips as possible. The goal was to provide the audience members with something they could take back to their office the following week and put into practice. It isn’t a typical panel format where a moderator or the audience asks the panelists a random set of questions. We discuss and handpick the tips beforehand and then prepare supporting slides to explain each tip. In order to cover as much material as possible in the one hour slot (45 minutes in UK), we limit each tip to about 3-5 minutes and minimize the general Q&A time. Overall, the feedback has been favorable for this format, and the session has been highly ranked each year.

Occasionally, I received feedback that not all of the tips were as advanced as someone had hoped. Clearly what one attendee defines as “advanced” may be “basic” for a more experienced analyst. When the expertise of the audience spans various levels, it’s hard to keep everyone happy. However, with the new submission approach, we’re hopeful we’ll identify some great tips that will appeal to even our more seasoned users. If you were critical of the tips shared in the past, here’s your chance to contribute even better tips. : )

Mostly, we’re looking for interesting product-related tips for Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst, Discover, Report Builder), but it could include anything related to the digital analyst role’s responsibilities or tasks (analysis, reporting, dashboards, presenting, visualizations, requirements gathering, quality assurance, Excel, implementation, etc.).

Ask yourself: Do you do something unique that delivers deeper or richer insights, saves you time, or helps you to drive business value as a digital analyst? Do you have a trick or two up your sleeve that helps you to be more efficient or effective?

We’ll be judging your tips by how innovative, practical, and valuable they are as well as how broadly they could be used by analysts at other companies. We’ll have up to five panelists so you will have more than one opportunity to win a seat on the stage for this valuable session. Session attendees will be voting on their favorite panelist and someone will be crowned the next Analytics Idol. Participating in this session will be a great opportunity to come to Summit if you haven’t in the past, establish your personal brand within the industry, and share your expertise with grateful peers.

If you have any questions, please add a comment or reach out to me on Twitter at @analyticshero. I’m looking forward to seeing your great tips and ideas. Submit your tips today!