It’s quite com­mon that a cus­tomer start­ing to use Omni­ture Insight will tell us that one of the key busi­ness rea­sons for adding Insight to their tool set is for its power of Segmentation.

In Omni­ture Insight, Seg­ments are sim­ply user-defined, re-usable selec­tions of data. They’re quick to use and pow­er­ful in analy­sis when you want to seg­ment and explore a group of vis­i­tors, cus­tomers, trans­ac­tions, vis­its, or other sim­i­lar level of data.

Let’s imag­ine that I work for a small group of retail stores and use Omni­ture Insight, loaded with my web­site data, but also with in-store trans­ac­tion data and cus­tomer demo­graphic data.

I have a Key Busi­ness Require­ment (KBR) this year of increas­ing over­all rev­enue per transaction.

As a strate­gic step toward that KBR, I am eager to under­stand female cus­tomers who pur­chase casual wom­ens’ cloth­ing and who have higher house­hold incomes. Tac­ti­cally, I’d like to develop ways to increase the num­ber of items (and the asso­ci­ated rev­enue related to those items) in each of their purchases.

I’ll start my Insight analy­sis by open­ing a table to dis­play Trans­ac­tions, Cus­tomers, and Avg. Dol­lars per Trans­ac­tion by Depart­ment. Sort­ing by Trans­ac­tions by Depart­ment, I see that my top depart­ments (for all cus­tomers, and all of their trans­ac­tions) are Wom­ens’ Casual, Kitchen and Acces­sories, Girls’, etc.:

Next, I’ll add a Seg­ment visu­al­iza­tion. Since I’m eager to ana­lyze cus­tomers who fit my selec­tion, I want to cre­ate a customer-level segment.

I’ll select trans­ac­tions that included Wom­ens’ Casual. While I’m at it, I’m also going to add tables for Gen­der (and select Females) and Income Descrip­tions (and select the upper income segments.)

In my cus­tomer seg­ment visu­al­iza­tion, I sim­ply select “Add Seg­ment”, then des­e­lect in the other tables. For con­ve­nience, I rename the cus­tomer seg­ment to “Upper Income Females, Casual.”

Then, I sim­ply select the cus­tomer seg­ment that I cre­ated. As a result, what I’ll see in my analy­sis work­space will be the data related to this selec­tion of cus­tomers (female cus­tomers in upper income ranges who pur­chased casual wom­ens’ shoes.)

Look­ing at the Depart­ments that appear in the most trans­ac­tions for these cus­tomers, I dis­cover that their trans­ac­tions fre­quently include kitchen and acces­sories items, wom­ens’ dress clothes, beauty and fra­grance items, etc.

Sort­ing the Depart­ments for these cus­tomers by Aver­age Dol­lars per Trans­ac­tion, though, I dis­cover some­what sur­pris­ing results: the top depart­ments by dol­lars per trans­ac­tion include boys’ items, mens’ ath­letic items, wom­ens’ ath­letic items, and chil­drens’ ath­letic items. Per­haps there’s an oppor­tu­nity to try to do some­thing I haven’t done before and cross-promote wom­ens’ casual items with chil­drens’ ath­letic or boys’ items.

I can use this seg­ment to con­tinue to dive deeper into other infor­ma­tion — spe­cific items, average time between pur­chases, dis­counts or coupons most fre­quently used, etc.

Clos­ing the loop from this analy­sis back to my tac­ti­cal objec­tives (and ulti­mately my KBR of increas­ing over­all rev­enue per trans­ac­tion), I might decide to select a group of these cus­tomers (that live a cer­tain dis­tance from a store, that have chil­dren in the house­hold, that meet other fac­tors that I dis­cover through analy­sis) and send them a spe­cific coupon offer invit­ing them to a spe­cial dis­count when they pur­chase casual wom­ens’ items and kids’ items in the same transaction.

The best part of this whole exer­cise: With my data in Omni­ture Insight, I com­pleted this entire analy­sis well within 5 min­utes, and I’m on to my next hypoth­e­sis, my next analy­sis, and my next dis­cov­ery to impact my business.

Have a ques­tion about any­thing related to Omni­ture Insight? Do you have any tips or best prac­tices related to Omni­ture Insight you want to share? If so, please leave a com­ment here or send me an e-mail at mhal­brook [at] omni­ture [dot] com and I will do my best to answer it here on the blog so every­one can learn. (If you pre­fer, I won’t use your name or com­pany name.) You can also fol­low me on Twit­ter @Michael­Hal­brook.

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For some of us that are new to, or want to know about insight, could you show the interface just as you are creating the segments? This will help me familiarize with the tool and see its navigation and potential. As always thank you for sharing your insights.