The con­tent shar­ing ser­vice site Pin​ter​est​.com has emerged as a con­sis­tent strong sales-driving refer­rer for a num­ber of sites. In this blog post I will review Pin­ter­est track­ing and report­ing meth­ods right out of stan­dard reports in Site­Cat­a­lyst through refer­ring domain, iso­lated pin refer­rers, and non-pin refer­rers. The seg­men­ta­tion fea­tures of Site­Cat­a­lyst v15 pro­vide fur­ther insights into Pin­ter­est referred traf­fic site behav­ior. I should note Steve Wirig of the Social Media Con­sult­ing Team ear­lier out­lined advanced enhance­ments to Pin­ter­est track­ing (Why All The Inter­est In Pin­ter­est?) and my intent in this post is to cover what is avail­able for users through stan­dard Site­Cat­a­lyst v15 reports.

Pin­ter­est Refer­ring Domain Tracking

Pin­ter­est track­ing starts within the famil­iar standby of refer­ring domains reports. The Refer­ring Domains report shows the root domains that referred vis­i­tors to your site. It there­fore allows for an aggre­gate view for all the vari­a­tions of full URL pin­ter­est refer­rers into a sin­gle uni­fied pin​ter​est​.com value. To run first nav­i­gate to the Traf­fic Sources>Referring Domains report and then fil­ter the report using the term ‘pin­ter­est’. Users can report and trend total Pin​ter​est​.com traf­fic, stan­dard events, and cus­tom events met­rics for any time period with this view.

Pin­ter­est Site­Cat­a­lyst Track­ing 1.1: Pin­ter­est Fil­tered Refer­ring Domain Report


Pin​ter​est​.com Refer­rers for Pins/Non-Pins Tracking

Where it gets inter­est­ing how­ever with Pin​ter​est​.com referred traf­fic are the pos­si­bil­i­ties to manip­u­late dif­fer­ent report fil­ters to parse out dis­tinct types of pin­ter­est refer­ring sources. Site­Cat­a­lyst through the advanced fil­ter­ing options in the Traf­fic Sources>Referrers report allows for user deci­sions around types of URL iden­ti­fi­able pin­ter­est traf­fic. For exam­ple you can choose the fol­low­ing fil­ter­ing options to shape the end refer­rers report data through Con­tains OR Does not con­tain rules.

pin​ter​est​.com/​pin – To dis­tin­guish indi­vid­ual board pins dri­ving traf­fic to a site.

pin​ter​est​.com/​all – To dis­tin­guish when spe­cific orga­nized board cat­e­gories are dri­ving traf­fic to a site.

Pin­ter­est Site­Cat­a­lyst Track­ing 1.2: Pin­ter­est Refer­rer URL Fil­ter­ing Advanced Options


In the below report exam­ple using the sin­gle fil­ter of ‘pin​ter​est​.com/​pin’ within the Traf­fic Sources>Referrers report; fil­ters the report to show top traf­fic dri­ving pins by Instances and Unique Vis­i­tors. Impor­tant to note that each Refer­rer line item link is live and can be clicked to view the exact pin in ques­tion on Pin​ter​est​.com.

Pin­ter­est Site­Cat­a­lyst Track­ing 1.3: Pin­ter­est Refer­rers INCLUDING pin​ter​est​.com/​pin ONLY


 In the sec­ond report exam­ple using the Advanced fil­ter­ing option so that the refer­rer does not con­tainpin​ter​est​.com/​pin’, but does con­tain ‘pin​ter​est​.com’; fil­ters the report to show top non-pins traf­fic from Pin​ter​est​.com by Instances and Unique Vis­i­tors. You can use this report to iden­tify Pin­ter­est mem­bers that drive traf­fic and which orga­nized pin board cat­e­gories your con­tent and prod­uct is being included within Pin­ter­est. All the links are again live and can be clicked to view the exact con­tent on Pin​ter​est​.com.

Pin­ter­est Site­Cat­a­lyst Track­ing 1.3: Pin­ter­est Refer­rers EXCLUDING pin​ter​est​.com/​pin Occurrences


Pin­ter­est Segmentation

The sec­ond layer to Pin​ter​est​.com track­ing uti­lizes the seg­men­ta­tion fea­ture of Site­Cat­a­lyst v15 to fil­ter all reports by user deter­mined Pin​ter​est​.com cri­te­ria. For exam­ple if users want to under­stand Pin​ter​est​.com traf­fic over­all; the fol­low­ing seg­ment can be built within a given report suite or through the Seg­ment Man­ager option in the Admin Console.

Pin­ter­est Site­Cat­a­lyst Track­ing 1.4: Pin­ter­est Site­Cat­a­lyst v15 Seg­ment Build Canvas







There are numer­ous appli­ca­tions for Pin​ter​est​.com seg­ments once built; as the seg­ment can filter:

  • Prod­ucts reports to view Pin­ter­est dri­ven prod­uct views, cart adds, check­outs, and order conversions
  • Site Con­tent reports to high­light Pin​ter​est​.com affin­ity to spe­cific site areas
  • The Mobile>Device Type report to receive a break­down by Tablet, Mobile Phone, and Non-Mobile (Other) vis­its and page views for Pin­ter­est device share.
  • Pathing reports to inform user Pin​ter​est​.com traf­fic flow trends through the site.
  • Vis­i­tor Pro­file reports to show where Pin​ter​est​.com traf­fic is located as deter­mined by IP Address.

Tips & Tricks

  1. The refer­rers value of ‘’ can be lever­aged to dis­tin­guish mobile Pin​ter​est​.com traf­fic in addi­tion to device type detec­tion methods.
  2. Many of the men­tioned reports can be built within a Report­Builder work­sheet to cre­ate a pol­ished sin­gle sum­mary work­sheet with cus­tom graphs and trend com­par­isons. To eval­u­ate the impact of Pin​ter​est​.com on your site; con­sider build­ing a week over week or quar­terly recap report cov­er­ing the reviewed Site­Cat­a­lyst reports.
  3. Adobe Social and the Social Media Con­sult­ing Team can offer even fur­ther enhance­ments to Pin­ter­est track­ing than these base reports.
  4. There are avail­able third party Pin­ter­est track­ing inte­gra­tions that use Adobe Site­Cat­a­lyst through Web Ser­vices API access to pro­vide Pin­ter­est pinned images and ana­lyt­ics site data side by side.


I would encour­age all Site­Cat­a­lyst users intrigued by Pin­ter­est to take a pass at the reviewed reports in Site­Cat­a­lyst. Pin​ter​est​.com track­ing in Site­Cat­a­lyst can take on many lev­els depend­ing on busi­ness intent, but these ini­tial reports are a gate­way for assess­ing the behav­ior and value of the traf­fic. The stal­wart refer­ring domain data cou­pled with robust seg­men­ta­tion proves its worth in track­ing pins and boards.

Brian Au is a con­sul­tant in Adobe Con­sult­ing, focused on dig­i­tal strat­egy, ana­lyt­ics & opti­miza­tion for retail & travel clients. He tweets at @Bri­anAu.